Gak-ups in the simulator: the proper technique execution and recommendations

Gak-ups differ from normal that when performing these exercises worked out better and more accurate quadriceps swinging their side part.

Through these exercises, especially given they used it to build and hone the lateral quadriceps femoris muscle, which in turn makes it much more clearly show the separation between the hamstrings and quadriceps.


Gak-ups in the simulator are the formative mind exercises designed for careful consideration of the side parts of the quadriceps.They are suitable equally for beginners and experienced athletes.Typically, these squats are performed for three or four sets of 8-12 approaches, after the leg press or squats.Gak-ups - an ideal exercise for people who are engaged in the high jump, long, running, football, volleyball and other team sports.

Correct execution

Stand in the simulator and substitute shoulders under the rollers located on top.Press firmly back to the support.Arrange the feet shoulder-width apart, pulling the feet slightly forward so that

they are closer to the upper edge of the platform.During the exercise the legs should be slightly bent at the knees.The chin lock parallel platform to keep the torso upright and held in tension without removing it from the support.Performing squats in hook-a car, do not forget to maintain the natural bending at the waist.

Take a deep breath, hold your breath and slowly lower yourself until your thighs are parallel to the platform.The knees should form a right angle.Still holding his breath, and strong quadriceps strain (but without the dash) rises.The rise should be a continuation of squatting, ie exercise is performed as one continuous movement.When you overcome the most difficult part, you can do an exhalation.


Gak-ups should be performed, by putting a foot wide and expanding wear out.In this case, much of the burden will fall directly on the front of the thighs, while the buttocks, back and back of the thighs are almost completely exempt, but the quadriceps is only benefit.Gak-ups in the simulator - it's an isolated exercise.On the one hand, it is his fault, but this feature can be considered as an advantage and as squats such a plan successfully used for effective expansion of the front projection thighs.To do this you need to put your feet together and parallel to each other.By changing their position, we transfer the load directly to the external part of the quadriceps.

How to avoid injury during exercise

To eliminate the possibility of damage to the knee and not to overload the back, you need to clearly put their feet under the hips - in the middle of the platform or close to its inner edge.Moreover, this provision does not cause permanent desire to tear from the torso support.To observe the proper technique of the exercise and not to take back from the support, it is also possible to imagine that you are doing squats against the wall.Pressed against the plane as much as possible and slide up and down.This visualization will help you learn how to relax the muscles of the waist and keep your back straight throughout the approach.


Gak-ups - a safer exercise than squats, as in the latest version you have to tilt your body forward strongly and bend your knees.As a result, the muscles of the back of the thigh that attach to the hip and knee joints, stretched all the way and try to turn the hip forward, causing the rounding of the back.This will not happen when the exercise of "hook".Squats for this reason are considered more dangerous.

When performing squats hook-load focuses on the quadriceps far more than when working in the gym Smith and squats.In this embodiment, basically worked out an external head quadriceps.Note that the movement of the foot platform to the upper edge increases the load on the upper portion of the quadriceps.The lower you sit down, the more will be involved glutes, but the load on the muscles being worked out will not change.

Useful tips

Remember breath-hold, as it will help you save up tension in the muscles around the waist.If you take a breath prematurely, the pressure inside the chest is reduced, the stability of the spine will fall.And one can not in any case be delayed at the bottom, immediately rises.The direction of movement needs to be changed quickly, but without the dash.

Gak-ups (Photo trainees presented above) the correct approach - it is not only difficult and exhausting work, but also a painful process (at first).You have to remember that the swing leg muscles - not the same thing as, for example, breast.We can say that in this exercise the most important thing - it's the ability to work, overcoming their own capabilities.Therefore, it is a hook-ups are the most effective exercises to work out the leg muscles.This type of training has invented Georg Gakkenshmidt - famous multiple champion and record holder in weightlifting and French struggle.

Success in training!