Academy Agalarov Estate

Troon Golf Academy gives you the opportunity to purchase a unique and high-quality training program: from classical, basic golfing skills, before the creation of the development of your own strategies on the field.We offer our customers are not only ultra-modern equipment and the best instructors of high qualification level of PGA and TPI.Team trainers Troon Golf will make your learning experience enjoyable, productive and informative.

Troon Golf Golf Academy offers high-quality golf courses, which are ideal for beginners or advanced players, who will get their practice without the stress and pressure.
creation strategies on the playing field!

Using cutting-edge equipment, Troon Golf Academy instructors will help to improve the game and improve your physical fitness, which is well reflected in the result of the game account.
strength, flexibility, power and precision strike, engine-eye coordination, balance, endurance, stability - these are the qualities that enable to achieve excellent results in go

lf.These are the properties of our instructors help students to develop the Academy.Education
golf begins with your own online section with detailed video review past and future lessons that are designed specifically for you according to your own physical parameters.
In addition, similar to the sport will be an excellent form of recreation.Why not spend a great vacation on the beautiful golf course and just a few hours to learn how to play golf ?.In addition, this
, Academy Agalarov Estate understands that to play good golf - it's not as difficult as it seems.Our fitness trainers and instructors Gaulle, have a high skill level will improve your game and help you acquire the necessary training.Coach will help you focus on the simple things that allow the body to strengthen and improve the impact, as well as to achieve the highest score.
All of our customers will be pleased with the creative, energetic and responsible approach to the creation of an integrated learning process.Available options

training in the academy:

Corporate Golf event (created by taking into account the wishes of the customer).
Male and female golf training program.From the basic level to a professional.
TPI Program for children.
Video-game analysis on Sam Putt Lab Professional and analysis on the K - Vest 3D.
services on the individual selection of clubs.
zone for the game of Bunker and short game.
Pyramid training balls Taylormade.