Slalom, giant slalom, downhill skiing

«Next skier left on the side" - a translation for the word "slalom" with Scandinavian.Anyone who thinks that skiing was invented recently mistaken.More on the Norwegian island petroglyphs Rodey was depicted a hunter on skis.Well preserved ancient ski runners were found in wetlands in Scandinavia.These findings - from the so-called stepping skis.The first skis were sliding from Finnish Lapland and the hunters back in the sixth century.And in Russian chronicles of these devices was first mentioned in 1444 in connection with the campaign against one of the princes of the Golden Horde.People's fun, merrymaking, fun and even competitions on skis of old delighted the world's population.

Modern competition

is no limit to human ingenuity!Besides the usual ski competitions, including racing, slalom, downhill, freestyle and others in recent years, extreme fun with skis:

  • hang-gliding with skis;
  • parachute jump with skis;
  • downhill skiing to overtake a racer;
  • jump from an airplane without a parachute skii
  • skiing on sand dunes;
  • riding on a mini-ski.

These are very revealing and interesting kinds of ski competitions are not yet included in the official program.


categories skiing:

1. Alpine - all kinds of downhill: slalom (Giant, Super Giant Slalom and simple), downhill skiing (downhill), a combination of two runs (slalom and speed).

2. Freestyle - it's free Slower descent on skis while execution ski acrobatics, original ski ballet.

3. North - jumping, racing, orienteering competitions, Nordic combined (ski jumping and follow the race).

4. Descent snowboarding.

5. Biathlon (cross-country skiing with rifle shooting).

6. Ski Arch (cross-country skiing with archery).

7. Ski tour - one of the categories of sports tourism.

8. Ski-mountaineering.This is a free and risky downhill skiing, speed at which develops very high.It can be compared with a jump from a height.

About Giant Slalom

In Slalom athletes at high speed have to literally fly through a certain number of control points (gates) in the minimum time.For men and women, and the number of arrivals gate width will vary depending on the type of slalom.A control point can not be crossed, and skip, or disqualification is inevitable.Usually an athlete is to offset the average result of the two attempts.

Slalom, Super G (downhill skiing) got its name for a large number of gates, the distance between them and the length of the track.

Supergiant - is an intermediate discipline between the giant slalom and downhill (downhill).One goal - speed.The distance between the control flags that allows the rules for downhill skiing is 30 meters.Evaluated only one race skier.

features trails for competition

for all high-speed ski slopes are only used to track the natural topography.First of all, important differences in elevation, as far as the tortuous terrain, what is the length of the track.Flags and flagpoles gates are arranged coaches with all the rules.It is important to avoid the hidden dangers of the relief that could lead to a serious fall and injury.

  • route length of approximately 450 m and a height difference of 140 m and more suitable for normal slalom competitions.The shortest distance between the flags - 75 cm.
  • Giant Slalom held on the slopes of a length - 1 km or 1.5 km, elevation changes - up to five hundred meters, the width of the gate - 13 m.
  • in the super-giant slalom flags placed at a distance of thirtymeters from each other.The length of the route - up to 2.5 km, elevation changes - up to six meters.
  • Downhill skiing downhill conducted on the perfectly straight tracks, without jumps, mounds and mounds.The best results are achieved by athletes in the high slopes with thin air.Skiers in aerodynamic suits, using the special position of the body, develop huge speed in this type of competition.Dispersal jump (with a large slope of the route), athletes, making downhill skiing, showed impressive speed record: over 200 km per hour.

Several half-jokingly wishes beginners (and not only) skiers

person engaged in skiing, can achieve the best results in speed spuske.Delnye tips:

  • order to fall less, is to learn to slow down.
  • Any bruises, scratches and even moral injuries heal.
  • The higher the speed, the faster the mountain finishes.
  • foolish to hope that people accidentally knocked down or hurt while running, do not retaliate, catch up with you the next time.
  • Whatever the results of the descent down a warm coffee and friends, at worst - an ambulance.