Lunges with a barbell: performed correctly

You need to work out the glutes and hamstrings to pump?Pay attention to the attacks on the pole.These exercises are a great addition to the basic program, working on the lower part of the body of man.However, the attacks should be done properly, otherwise there will be noticeable results, moreover, can be easily injured.How to perform this exercise?Let us consider in this article.


most important stage of any workout is a workout.It not only allows you to avoid the possibility of injury, but also helps to significantly improve the efficiency of employment at the same level as the load.Warm-up, depending on the fitness of an organism can last for five to fifteen minutes.As a warm-up can be carried out jogging in place or on the treadmill.

pumped What attacks?

attacks called training exercises for the legs, are working on the main muscles of the thighs (quadriceps and hamstrings) and buttocks.Significant results can be achieved already in the past month of regular exercise.Performing correct

this complex is the perfect place to pump the buttocks, while the other groups are utilized and muscle mass but the growth is not.

How do lunges with a barbell

For this exercise need vulture rod and a set of pancakes with bindings.If the weight of a small weighting, it is possible to squeeze out of his hands by force.Lower neck barbell over her head, resting it on the trapezius muscle, below the 7 cervical vertebrae.At the very weight of the neck should not push.

Stand with your legs apart at shoulder width apart.Follow the right foot long step forward with the foot should be wrapped inside a little bit, then it was easier to keep the balance.If the attacks are carried out with the bar in order to pump up the gluteal muscles, leg, standing behind, put on a sock.Bending your knees, get down, focusing on the right foot.The left leg is lowered to the floor, you can touch it (does not matter).

Then straighten the knees and feet.Repeat 8-10 times on the leg.

accomplish the same thing by putting forward the left limb.During exercise, posture - the lower back does not bend.The back should be on their toes, stomach in.The face lift, eyes directed forward.Performing lunges with a barbell, do not bend hips, keep it upright.Do not tilt the enclosure, make sure that the stomach is not to "lay down" on the thigh front foot.

can vary the exercise and perform with a barbell lunges, alternating left and right leg.


During the attacks, make sure that the front foot knee did not bend more than 90 degrees and the knee does not go beyond the plane of the sock.The optimum position for the shin - is perpendicular to the floor.If you break this rule, you can easily earn a knee injury.

We reviewed lunges with a barbell, a technique which is working on the entire rear surface of the thighs, buttocks and quadriceps.However, if the exercise slightly differently, it is possible to successfully pump the inner thigh and the adductors.

second option

Arrange very wide legs and putting the bar on the shoulders, lower body with weighting, shifting weight to the right leg.Straighten and do the same in the other direction.

performing this exercise, do not try to lift heavy.Repeat 8-12 times in each direction.

This exercise is particularly fond of the fair sex, having problems on the inner thighs.As you can see, lunges with a barbell to allow the girls 'fashion' beautiful shape legs and buttocks, will help get rid of unwanted fat.

more "chipsĀ»

If you see that exercise has become too easy to run, add it to effectively and weighing it.To do this, place the front foot on the low (10-18 cm) bench or other elevation.This "trick" will fall below the maximum tensile and glutes.

To improve balance, some athletes do not put feet on one line, and they throw a little party.

Lower the body should be as low as possible and straighten completely.You can make a small movement at the bottom of the slope of the body forward.This will help to further stretch the buttocks.

If balance problems, it is better to carry out attacks in a special car Smith.In her neck is fixed, so it does not have to be filled up.

To contraindicated attacks

If you have knee problems, should be approached with great caution to the attacks.Work with small weights.Be sure to Train with a partner - it will be able to hedge during the exercise.

If the trainee's back problems, you can replace the barbell weights.This option is selected and those who are not engaged in the gym and at home.The load to the spine will be significantly lower, this method is chosen, many newcomers.Over time, however, when the experience and fitness of increase, it is recommended to start with a barbell lunges.