Shaun White - one of the world's best snowboarders

What sport do Shaun White?Snowboarding!This question will answer any sports fan.Charming red-haired snowboarder from America, nicknamed "The Flying Tomato" - Shaun White, the idol of millions.Not so long ago there was a film about this famous person, telling about his difficult routine.If you are not willing to devote 45 minutes of your valuable time viewing, but want to know everything about him and a little more, read this article!

Shaun White: A Biography

Sean was born in Carlsbad, California.He could not turn professional because of a congenital heart defect, but the boy had two difficult operations, proving how important it is to fight for life.

first board Sean was not snowboarding and surfing, for which his father wanted to put a five year old son.However, this idea was not successful, ended in failure and a broken nose.As he told Shaun White, the second attempt to get on the board was a couple of years, but he still felt that it is not ready for it.A wave immediately washed over him, he b

egan to choke and swallowed water.But now, when a snowboarder Shaun White has reached great heights and has achieved the dizzying sporting successes, he increasingly began to catch the ocean waves.


should be noted that with a light hand eventual champion older brother learned to ride a skateboard, and even a few times, took part in the X-Games, where in different years earned medals in various denominations ranging from gold to bronze.The teacher was his skateboarding Tony Hawk, with whom the young Sean met in the park.The pupil soon surpassed his mentor.Sean - the only person who took gold at the X-Games in different disciplines in the same year.In 2007 he became the champion of the Dew Tour, but because of the Olympics in Vancouver, he had to take a break from the classroom.

Shaun White Snowboarding

matter how Sean liked to skateboard and surfboard, his main hobby, and now the profession is snowboarding.The sport was included in the Olympic program not long ago, but was able to win wide popularity.This year, the Olympics were on and slopestyle.

Sean's parents were obsessed with snowboarding lessons so that her son was allowed to skip class, as long as he trained.The first place where he was engaged in Shaun White - Bear Mountain in Southern California.There he trained with for 13 years.

At age 16 he began to win the first prizes at the X-Games - extreme competition in the least extreme sports.And the first time he appeared on stage in 11 years of snowboarding.In the same year she starred in the notorious Terje Haakonsen.

Sean recalls that when he won the first major competition, realized that he could provide for his family.While his mother was a waitress, and my father worked in the city services, so the money was good advice.He began to receive awards, while still in school.Shawn says he has always been a shy child, but after the event it fell in popularity, and everyone wanted to be friends with him, so he chose his friends carefully.

Just over 3 months Shaun White took part in 12 events, each of which won!It is truly incredible!Among those wins was also a gold medal at the Olympics in Turin, hot in 2006, where in the final White managed to score 46.8 points out of 50 possible.Of course, the legends of snowboarding also won often, but such results as this young man could not get any of them.

Shawn says that he is going through mad when losing.He can win at the Olympics, but in the day to play in a friendly game of cards and experience the whole evening.It feels amazing feeling, when he realizes that people believe in it.Shawn says that he even had a friend who constantly put him in the competition and had to win, not to let him down.

Until 2010 victory at the Olympics in Turin was a major achievement of the snowboarder.But in Vancouver, he proved his superiority: leading position left him, and he received his second Olympic gold medal.According to the study, the performance of "The Flying Tomato" at this Olympics looked more than 3 million viewers in the United States.I think that comment is superfluous.

Preparations for the 2014 Olympics

In 2013, the first time an athlete missed the X-games in preparation for the Olympics in Sochi.This decision was not random, and pursued one main goal - two medals at the Games.He also missed the X-Games in 2014 in preparation for the Olympics.

We should tell the story hit White's Olympic team.In the qualifying rounds, he received a minor injury, and in the first attempt did not get the required number of points.Some questioned whether the White get into the team.But he gathered all the will in a fist and knocked the ticket to the Olympics, though conceded the lead in the qualifying competitions.I must say that luck did not smile the young American, and he took a 4th place at the Olympic Games.


In his free time snowboarding, to the surprise of many, Shaun White bad plays guitar in the band "Bad Things".Despite the fact that the staff there recently, it is not a promotional project of White, and he is not a key figure here.In January 2013 the band released their first album.It is not difficult to guess who will become fans of this team.


Leisure Shaun White pays charity.The point here is not the end of monetary donations.In 2012, he gives his luxurious hair in a fund that produces wigs for children with serious illnesses.

Shaun White, whose pictures you can see in this article - a very popular snowboarders.In addition to participating in the competition, it is known for a series of computer games, roles in the films, the cover of popular magazines.Shaun White realizes that snowboarding - not only spectator sport but also a great start business.