Norwegian skier Teresa Yohaug - Biography and personal life

If you start to list outstanding skiers and skiers in Norway, you have to make it very long, as the athletes who have achieved certain heights in the sport, there are plenty.But many of them have already finished their career or nearing its end, giving way to young.And Teresa Yohaug - this is one of the most prominent Norwegian skiers who today participate in major competitions.She is only 25 years old, but in his short career, she has managed to achieve a great deal from the fact, as many skiers do not dare even to dream.

Early Years

Teresa Teresa Yohaug could never be a skier, if not coincidence.In early childhood, she started gymnastics, planned a career in that direction, but then realized that I had chosen the wrong path.After that, the young Norwegian started skiing and all surprised - in 15 years, she first participated in the race, and at age 17 became a member of the national team of Norway.And this despite the fact that Norwegians are one of the leading nations in all that relates to winte

r sports.

It is often possible to meet with the names of women such as Marit Børge Yohaug and Teresa, and this is no accident.Teresa herself recognizes that childhood admired famous skier, and saw in it an example to follow.Now it seeks to attain the same heights to which got Marit, and possibly ahead of her.And if you look at the achievements of the young Norwegians, you will realize that it could achieve its goal.

Achievements World Cup

held each year's World Cup skiers, which is one of the most prestigious competitions.And one has only to see the results of Teresa as soon becomes clear that this star of world skiing.She triumphed five times at different stages of the Cup eleven times independently and as part of his team in the relay.According to general estimates, it has accumulated 39 climbs on the podium, that 25 years is an impressive achievement.

Teresa Yohaug now approaching to become the best skier in the world, because its results are growing at an incredible rate.In his first season 2006/2007 Norwegian asserted itself and took overall line 44 that newcomer is quite satisfactory result.But the very next year, Teresa showed what it is capable of, being the eighteenth.In 2009, the skier made the leap into the top ten, finishing in eighth place.

2010 could be fatal for Teresa that after such a resounding success rolled back, finishing only 17th place, that it is clearly not satisfied.But instead of sadness and frustration, she pulled herself together and created a miracle - the following year she had not enough to to enter the top three, she stopped at the fourth position.In 2012, it still has achieved its goal of becoming the third in the overall standings, and in 2013, and at all has risen to second place.Teresa Yohaug briskly moves to the title of the best skiers of the world - and it's only 25 years old.

Yohaug at the World Championships

Prior to his rebirth in 2011 Teresa only once shone on the World Cup - it was in the 2007th.Then she won a bronze medal in the 30 km classic.But after that much success at the Norwegians it was not until he came the same in 2011, with which it began its ascent to the summit.

Yohaug took two gold and one bronze medal at the World Championships in Holmenkollen, and two years later in the Val di Fiemme repeated his achievement - two gold and bronze, but they added another athlete and a silver medal.Thus, Teresa is a four-time world champion, with two of these awards - her own, while the other two she won in the relay.

Olympic success at the Olympic Winter Games in 2006 Teresa did not go because I was too young and inexperienced - she just made her debut in 2007 in the World Cup.But the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, which was the debut for the Norwegians, was for her, and triumphant.The team in the relay race, she won the gold medal, but at that time she was only 21 years old.

In 2014 in Sochi on the Tereza great hopes, but unfortunately, they did not meet - the athlete was able to win for his country only silver in the race at 30 kilometers and a bronze in the 10 km classic.But Yohaug at least another one ahead of the Olympics, so it has time to excel and bring success and glory of Norway.

Queen Alpe Cermis de

multiday ski Tour de Ski event traditionally ends with a special race - devyatikilometrovym climbing uphill Alpe Cermis de.It is held since 2007, for a total of the event was marked by 8 times.And five times it Yohaug Teresa became the winner, thus receiving the unofficial title of Queen of the mountains.This is an incredible result, especially considering the fact that the last four years, no one can take away from Teresa her title, in fact, like to beat her record time.

Not only skier, but also a model

Teresa Yohaug, photos of which can be found is not only a ski suit, it affects the breadth of his interests.She is a model, fashion designer, on a permanent basis engaged in charity, as well as expanding the horizons by studying economics.Teresa Yohaug, height, weight is 162 centimeters and 46 kilograms, respectively, has an ideal Nordic appearance, and this attracted the attention of glossy magazines.She is invited to a variety of photo shoots, and it has actually become a symbol of the whole people of Norway.She's at home so much like an athlete, it is considered to be the most popular woman in the country.

Regarding the career of the designer, then Teresa has its own line of sportswear.It has become an integral part of her life since 2012, that is relatively recent.But so far nothing can be said about the satellite such active women like Teresa Yohaug.Life it is not teeming with some serious events on the love front.But it is worth noting that it is only 25 years old, which means that it has a bright future.Now Theresa swallowed sports career, combining it with the modeling and fashion design, so it's time to look for a decent gentleman remains.But the beautiful Norwegians is unlikely to be a problem in the future.