What is whey protein is better?

whey protein with old time considered to be one of the most active sources of protein in sports nutrition.Today it is the most popular nutritional supplement among bodybuilders and athletes to effectively speeds up the metabolism and helps maintain the dry weight.

Whey protein - what is it?

Whey protein is not nothing like whey protein, approximate amino acid composition of human milk to a protein, which is why he has a pronounced immune properties and quickly absorbed by the body.

Many young athletes are trying to understand what the best whey protein affects the body and gives maximum results?Try to understand.Composition


Whey Protein - a mixture or a complex product composed of different protein sub-fractions alpha-lactalbumin, beta-lactoglobulin, glycomacropeptide, immunoglobulins, bovine serum albumin, as well as lower enzymes, lactoferrin and lysozyme laktoperoksidazy.NeRecently, these sub-fractions could be obtained only in small amounts, while commercial production was unprofitabl

e occupation.However, over the last decade, the situation has changed radically, and now, with the advent of new technologies, we can state with confidence the quantitative and qualitative increase in serum proteins.

Whey Protein: methods of producing

Before you try to understand what whey protein is better, it is advisable to consider ways of obtaining this dietary supplement.

  1. by ion exchange.With this method it is possible to obtain the maximum net protein formula.The ion-exchange whey protein, which is easily absorbed by the body, especially recommended for people who are experiencing difficulties with other protein supplements.At the same time we should not lose sight of the inherent this type of whey protein significant disadvantage: it contains in its composition of an insufficient number of peptides, thereby reducing its effectiveness and value.
  2. makroultrafiltratsii method.This method allows to remove the protein from a significant portion of the lactose, while retaining all the biologically active peptides.However, the subsequent processing of the protein is also removed bovine albumin and cysteine ​​- valuable components that act as protectors of cells, and antioxidants.
  3. Cross-filtering.This is the best way by which whey protein and lactose are removed fats, and all active peptides remain intact.

benefits of whey protein Whey protein

, reviews which are mostly positive - a truly remarkable product because otherwise he would not have considered a key element of power athletes.More recently, whey protein is also gaining popularity among ordinary people whose lives are not linked to professional sports.This is due to the fact that in modern times has become fashionable to stick to a healthy lifestyle, and those who know about immunoukreplyayuschih its properties, in small amounts introduced this product in your ratsion.Soglasno to recent studies, this supplement helps in the fight against cancerand HIV infection, reduces stress, boosts immunity, improves liver function in patients with hepatitis, lowers blood pressure, increases the concentration of serotonin in the brain and improves overall health.If we talk only about the sport, the whey protein is able to directly affect the growth of muscle mass and overall performance in athletes.


Considering the negative effect of whey protein on the human body, it should be noted that all of the possible side effects do not pose any serious threat to life.As a rule, they are associated with a disorder of the digestive system and are manifested in the form of bloating and increased gas production.In addition, in rare cases it may be fatigue and headache.It is believed that these symptoms are usually stimulated by a part of the protein or lactose sweetener that adds producer.

Reception whey protein can adversely affect the health status only if a person has kidney problems.In this situation, the reception of this additive is capable of aggravate existing problems, as the increased concentration of the protein specified organom.Takim difficult to read, the thing to remember, taking whey protein?Harm or use of this substance for the body is directly dependent on whether or not a person has kidney disease.In the case of this disease is not observed, we may be sure that the intake of protein a favorable impact on health.

Types of whey protein on the type of technology

accepted to allocate three types of whey protein: isolate, concentrate and hydrolyzate.Let us examine each of these in more detail.

  1. concentrate.This kind of whey protein can not be called a pure protein literally.This is due to the fact that during the filtration membrane deposited on ceramic mixed mass in which the protein content may be from 35% to 80%.In view of this concentrate typically contains in its composition a significant amount of fat and lactose - substances which are able to deliver a substantial stomach discomfort.Concentrate in comparison with other kinds of serum, it has the lowest cost.
  2. isolate.This form of the protein produced by the method of filtration or ion exchange.It contains virtually no harmful incorporates lactose and fats, derived from a powder at 95% consists exclusively of a protein fraction.
  3. hydrolyzate.The hydrolysis process is characterized by the division of large protein molecules into separate smaller fragments.It promotes the most easy and quick assimilation of the digestive tract.The primary measure of quality protein hydrolyzate serves its taste: in case of insufficient content of small fragments of the protein product starts to taste bitter.

Best Whey Protein: features selection

choosing this additive should take into account two main things: quality and budget.Naturally, the better and cleaner the product, the more it will cost.That is why the isolate is the most expensive form.But its price is justified because it is the best whey protein which (based per serving) gives the maximum amount of protein and at the same time has the least amount of calories.And so, of course, if resources permit, it is necessary to stop the choice on izolyate.Nesmotrya the fact that the filtered protein concentrate is not as thoroughly as whey protein isolate, the product is rich in amino acids and has a quite acceptable quality (particularly in relation to price,which, on average, polukilogrammovuyu jar is 30 dollars).Consuming such a concentrate, one should know that the amount of protein per serving compared with powder whey protein isolate would be lower, but the number of calories - contrary, above.Thus, if serving tridtsatigrammovaya isolate contains about 105 calories and 25 grams of protein, the typical concentrate 130 calories and 21 grams of protein.

Which is better to buy whey protein: quality and expensive or cheap but low quality?Not worth much to wrestle with, because you can choose a middle ground!The mixture of whey protein is a combination of the concentrate and isolate.

At the same time, buying a supplement, it is worth considering one small but very important nuance.Some mixtures in their composition have more concentrate than isolate the other way around.And in order to find this out, you need to carefully examine the packaging of the product: a source of protein, which is specified as part of the first, and is the main source.


view of the significant protein content of whey protein can be used as:

  1. tool to enhance a balanced diet for various ailments.
  2. tool for the fortification of food, which is necessary in the process of strengthening exercises to increase strength and muscle mass.
  3. drink, which helps reduce the level of fat in the body and contributes to the relief of muscle.

Whey Protein: How to use

It must be remembered that the best job is considered to be a portion of which is approximately equal to 30 grams.Take time for a greater volume of this additive is impractical because it is likely that he simply can not be acquired by the body.For maximum effect, it is important to know how to drink whey protein correctly.Consider how often per day need to consume this additive.

  1. early morning.As a rule, the average night's sleep lasts 6-8 hours.When the body is not so long time food enters it begins to use its own inventory, thereby starting catabolism of muscle tissue.In order to suspend them, sufficient to take a portion of the whey protein type.After 40 minutes should follow breakfast, which consists of natural sources of protein and carbohydrate.
  2. during the day.Take proteins is necessary and in the intervals between the consumption of food.For people losing weight is useful to replace at least one portion of food protein shakes.
  3. before training.It is important to take a portion of the whey protein for 2 hours prior to the upcoming workout that helps prevent muscle catabolism and provide such body needs amino acids during physical activity.
  4. After a workout.Athlete important after exercise replenish carbohydrates and raise the concentration of amino acids in the blood.At this time, the human body is best absorbs all incoming therein nutrients.


whey protein is not enough to purchase a ready protein mixture also should seek to obtain this substance and of everyday foods.A large number of such protein found in meat (especially in lean beef and chicken), cottage cheese, eggs and cereals (buckwheat, rice, corn grits) .Protein serum type - a great product, has a beneficial effect on the human body.In order to achieve maximum results from its use, should remember what whey protein is better than everyone else.