Where to ski in and around Moscow?

Skiing - both mountain and cross-country - in Russia have long been a very popular sport.Long since the sled snowshoes were so fun for people.And recently with a snowboard and skis became prestigious accessories.Even those people who do not do sports professionally, not dashing off down the hill or walk in the winter woods on a clear day.This article is intended for residents of Moscow who want to learn to stand on skis, or to consolidate and improve their skills in skating.Of course, in this regard, the capital of Russia - not Courchevel and even Sochi.But do not forget that the ancient city was built on steep hills, which means that there are places where skiing in Moscow.To get to some of the tracks, it does not even need to leave the city.Enough to ride a couple of stops on the subway - and you're in a semblance of the ski resort.There are also places where the ride even in the summer.But what about cross-country skiing, so all this is no problem.These trails run through the beautiful parks and for


skiing for beginners

If you only want to participate in this sport, go to the Northern Butovo.This is very easy, without any problems and pitfalls slope is located in the "blue bird" - the new district of Moscow (South-West).Year-round skiing is a school for children from three to seventeen.The height difference is small, smooth highway - the perfect place to once and for all get rid of the fear of the "fight to the slope."And even when the snow season passes in Northern Butovo not stop training - only on roller skates.Another place to go skiing in Moscow it is possible even for a beginner, complex "Stepanovo", which is five kilometers from the park "Volen".On top of an artificial hill you take a chair lift.Wide and shallow kilometer long trail passes through a beautiful forest.In this complex you will find a full range of services: equipment rental, a bar and cafe, baggage storage room, changing rooms warm.

skiing for a family holiday

go where ever the children - it is responsible.It is necessary to choose a place where you can go skiing, but at the same time, which would take into account all the needs of the child.The complex Kurkino allow a fun weekend with the whole family.It is easy to de-stress after a hard everyday life in the office and prepare for a new work week.The natural slope in Kurkino, near the town of Khimki, for 30 years has attracted the Muscovites, who can not imagine winter without a weekend of skiing.The track in the evening is well lit, aligned snowcat.On top of the hill will take you to the two ski lifts.Instructors will put on skis not only kids, but even adults are suffering from a fear of falling.There rental equipment (including snowboard), a cozy cafe.In Novo-Peredelkino (near the village of Orlov), in addition to three mountain ski runs, there are all conditions for snowboarding (Big Air, and the track Half Pipe).For kids there is a special slope with baby lift and equipped track.

Where you can go skiing in the suburbs?

In Novo-Peredelkino completely artificial slopes.Thus, all the bend length of two hundred meters and a height difference of 50 meters is thought to better educate children skating.There is also a downhill tubing.You can record your child in junior sports school, but no one forbids you not just pay a visit to this fantastic place in Moscow to have a great weekend.Even slush steady snow cover provide guns and snowmobiles eliminate potholes.On the lifts is a flexible system of discounts and you can purchase a monthly subscription.Many avid skiers still do not know that three years ago in the Dmitrov district opened "Yakhroma» park.During this time, he turned into a resort.Do you think where to go skiing for the weekend?Park "Volen" - the perfect choice.In addition to developing the ski infrastructure, there is also a small hotel, a café-restaurant in the chalet with a terrace, swimming pool.

Ski suburbs

Yes, there are those here.If you already have wondered about where to go skiing, the most ideal option would be Sorochany.Only fifty kilometers from the Dmitrov highway MMKAD, and you get to a real resort with European standards of service.In Sorochany always well - because they are located in an ecologically clean area of ​​the Klin-Dmitrov Ridge.But in winter - just a fairy tale.Unique snowmaking allows us not only to extend the season until late April, but also to avoid fog on the road - inevitable side effect of freezing the track.As the alpine resorts of the Pyrenees and it employs rescue service, medical center.In elaborate ten routes of different difficulty levels drop heights ranging from 70 to 90 meters.By the beginning of the descent of skiers and snowboarders deliver two ski tows, and numerous drag lifts so that the queues and bustle is not the case.Track length - 500 meters to a kilometer, at night, they are illuminated.As in European ski resorts, you can come here with their children.For kids playroom.

Where to go skiing in Moscow?

possible and not bother traveling to the train station and from there by train - to the villages near Moscow.In the capital itself enough slopes to ride with the wind on the snowy slopes.And because this kind of entertainment you can afford at least every day.Open the card and look how the park closest to home?From metro station "Youth" and "Krylatskoye" quarter of an hour on foot you can reach the wonderful slope, where winter has nine tracks ranging in length from 150 to 300 meters.By the beginning of skiing skiers deliver three anchor and five unsupported lift.Do not be afraid that Moscow damp and already after night - Krylatsky hills acts newest snowmaking system and lighting tracks.You can also rent a complete ski ammunition (requires a deposit of three hundred USD).To get to the slopes can also be through a subway station "October field" and "Falcon", but you need to change to the bus number 691 or trolley 19.

For cross-country skiers

This sport is more popular among both professionals andlovers.Without fear to break its neck on a steep bend to get full satisfaction from jogging in the woods or the park - a classic move or "skate" - well, not a fairy tale it?So where to go skiing in Moscow?Every year in Sokolniki prepare for winter 45 kilometers of cross-country trails.The state of the trails look special staff that eliminate potholes snowcat.There are several points in Sokolniki equipment rental.Around the same conditions are created for vacationers in Izmailovo Park.You can ride in both its parts.Rental is located at the entrance, adjacent to the metro station "Guerrilla."From the highway of Enthusiasts (near the stadium "Avangard") has a special "ski streamer" length of eight kilometers.Good conditions for cross country skiing in the park set up Feely.

Cross-country skiing in the country

Snow-covered spruce and pine forests, crystal-clear air ... At the weekend we go out of town.Where cross-country skiing in the suburbs?Seasoned fans of this sport in one voice say: in Romashkovo.This Forest Park stretches for eight kilometers pyatdesyat Moscow.Exciting ascents and descents in the 17 kilometers of trails pass through the forest.Since there are often held international competitions, the ski is maintained in excellent condition.From metro station "Boulevard D. Don" and "Yasenevo" buses to the recreation area "Bitsa".It runs a professionally prepared for classic and skating moves.

Summer is not a hindrance

If you want to keep yourself in shape, then there are only a few places where summer skiing is possible in Moscow.One of them - the Sparrow Hills.It works Youth, which trains professional skiers.And so in the summer for them to be equipped with an artificial track.And, of course, we can not ignore the famous complex "snowballs."Its leaders adopted the experience of ski resorts in the United Arab Emirates, and, consequently, cover there - the snow, not ice water slurry.Ice-crash technology provides excellent relative humidity and visibility on the road.