Rating gainers for speed dialing weight

often newcomers to the gym, do not understand many things, of which definitely need to adhere to, doing bodybuilding.Firstly, regular and hard training - this is not the full path to success.In addition to training, it is necessary to adhere to a strict diet ("on weight" and "drying") and to respect the day.Secondly, inflated to the level of professional bodybuilders like Phil Heath, Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman, without the use of anabolic steroids is not possible.Each person has a natural high, but it is far from the results, koi show us athletes to "Mr. Olympia".However, we're a little distracted.In this article, we'll tell you about sports nutrition, and more specifically, about Gainer: how to choose which company to buy preferred rating to set weight gainers, etc.Well, go ahead.

What gainer?

Gainer is a food additive, which in its composition has 50-70 grams of carbohydrates, 20-40 grams of protein and 10.5 grams of fat.Knowledgeable understand what ratio of nutrients perfect athletes during

a weight set when you want to build muscle mass.For drying, of course, a cocktail of gainer will not do.In most cases the basis gainer maltodextrin is comprised of glucose molecules.Specify that Creatine, like any other sports nutrition, do not apply to anabolic steroids (or "farm" in common), and is a common food additive.Finally say that the perfect weight gainer ecto-mesomorph and with low and moderate levels of fat, respectively, as at this cocktail upotrblenii recruited not only muscle but fat mass.For endomorphs would be preferable to use protein shakes with 80-90 grams of protein and only 5-10 grams of carbohydrates.Next, we present the rating gainers recognized the best athletes.Also, we indicate above average rates in Russia and the best analogy, if any.

Rating gainers

Now we'll tell you about the best gainer for speed dialing masses who somehow got high praise from experts and athletes themselves.So Gainers: Top rated the best in the 2013-14 GGLet's go.

  • first line of our rating takes gainer from the company BSN - True-Mass.This gainer of very high quality, consisting of a mix of whey and egg white, and also, of course, carbohydrates.In addition, the gainer including vitamin and mineral complex.
  • Silver takes UpYourMass from MHP, having as part of healthy fats, protein thoughtful mix of working more than 12 hours, and the ubiquitous carbohydrates with a low glycemic index.Truly strong gainer.
  • And here is one more product that closes the top three in the top, where we consider the rating gainers.Here it is located Serious Mass by the American company Optimum Nutrition, protein composition comprising a first-class, as well as creatine, and a number of vitamins and minerals.
  • In the fourth line we Monster Mass by companies CytoSport, created by
    innovative technologies.Its main feature is that its structure copies the properties of one of the main natural anabolics - breast milk of nursing mothers.In addition, the composition of the gainer boasts a combination of several kinds of protein (both fast and slow), and the presence of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

  • Finally, the last on our list, trailing top-rated gainers in 2013 - is FORMASS by DY.It is composed of a matrix protein is present TEMPRO, worked out by the use of cold temperatures.Plus, the added weight gainer 6 kinds of high-quality carbohydrates with a low GI.All this allows you to quickly recover your body and leads to the growth of low-fat mass.

Here is such a rating gainers that we have made on the basis of their properties and athletes reviews.We think that you will find a suitable one.


Depending on the volume, quality and brand prices gainer quite staggering.So, we give the price of the above top 5 on the basis of average prices in Russia:

  • 2,6 kg gainer True-Mass will cost 1500-1700 rubles, packaging 4.6 kg - 1800-2000 rubles.
  • 900 g UpYourMass will cost you 800-900 rubles, 2.3 kg - 1500-1600 rubles.
  • 2,7 kg Serious Mass is about 1300-1400 rubles, and packaging 5.5 kg - 1900-2000 rubles.
  • Price 2.7-pound cans Monster Mass is 2400 rubles.
  • Finally, the value of 2.3 kg gainer FORMASS - 2300-2500 rubles.

These are the prices for the best Creatine, whose rating was given above.Of course, when buying a gainer you can choose all kinds of tastes, including the very popular chocolate, banana, vanilla, raspberry and caramel.Next, we will discuss the correct use gainer.

How to take gainer

best time reception gainer will be the first 5-15 minutes after an active workout.That's when a man opens a so-called protein-carbohydrate window, which closes with a vengeance Gainer.This speeds up the regenerative processes in your body, suppressing muscle catabolism.If you do not eat before exercise (meaning 1.5-2 hours), it can be taken before exercise, in order to provide the body with the necessary energy.However, this option has its own reception flaw in this case, you will not have to burn fat during exercise (unless you pronounced ectomorph).With regard to dosage, each has its own weight gainer that is sure to be specified by the manufacturer.As a rule, it is 90-120 grams.Assuming it is recommended 1-2 times a day, and the other techniques is preferable to give a protein, in order to balance your diet as much as possible and increase muscle growth.Top Gainers, ranking them for several years held the above products, of course, show maximum results.But remember: this is just a supplement, and so for weeks and even months to 10 kg lean muscle mass you have in no way increased.Come on.

Disadvantages and harm gainer

Many newcomers are wondering: "What is the harm of gainer"?The answer is simple - no.Of course, if you follow the steps to use.Gainer is created from natural products that we encounter in everyday life.Very rarely idiosyncrasy of the product, which can lead to indigestion, which is especially often after the disease pancreas.For an athlete may be considered as the maximum minus a significant increase in body fat.Remember, impotence, heart disease and liver - all the myths that arise on the Internet from the mouth of the "great scientists".

combined with other sports nutrition

best combination would be the gainer + creatine, because the latter is better absorbed with carbohydrates and proteins that are part of gainer.You can mix all in a shaker, eating after a workout.Of course, due to the high content of carbohydrates consumed during drying geynery prohibited.

Loose gainer

For people with financial difficulties there is always a backup plan - purchase gainer by weight.5 kg of the gainer can be purchased for 900-1000 rubles.Thus 100 g for 50-70 grams of carbohydrate and 10-20 grams of protein, which is a good result.But there is a downside: the presence of vitamins is reduced to the maximum and the amount of fat a tall (up to 25 grams).Of course, Creatine, ranking top of the best that we have presented above, the maximum effect can be shown only on the brand companies, but also weighed product will have good results.

Conclusion The production of sports nutrition has reached great heights, and therefore always have to choose from.If in the 70-80s of the last century sportpite not even heard of, now its base is represented by a wide range of products, which gainer regularly takes pride of place in the diet of athletes.In this article, we talked about many aspects gainer and led rating of the best gainers 2013-14 GGWe think you enjoyed the article.