Unusual sports.

Increasingly began to grow interest in the sport not only in Russia, but throughout the world as a whole.But in addition to the most popular sporting events, there exist about which few people know.In addition, not all games can be regarded as the standard.It is about the unusual sports will be discussed in this review.

How could it be hockey without ice?

Almost every person from childhood accustomed to the fact that hockey can not exist without ice and skates.Of course, it can be cited as an example of hockey.However, this game is not quite acquired great popularity.But there is one game that offers a list of "Fancy sports."We are talking about hockey underwater.As the equipment are the fins, mask and snorkel as well as sticks - plastic stick.Weight washer is nearly two kilograms.This hockey and big gates.They reach a width of 3 meters.The game is played in two halves (15 minutes each).

mat within the ring

Talking about unusual sports, not to mention Chessboxing.In order to play this game, yo

u have to have not only a sharp mind, and a great physical strength.From the name you can understand that it is a combination of two popular games - chess and boxing.Five rounds go off to fight in the ring, and 6 - in the event of a chessboard.The winner will be announced the one who reaches the victory in chess and achieves a clear advantage in boxing.

won the award for trip to the sauna

Movies baths are popular among men.On the basis of this competition was coined called "sports a sauna."And this fun is well established in the "Unusual sports."This is a very serious competition in which competitors battle each other hard.The temperature in the steam room reaches 110 degrees.Every 30 seconds the steam.The winner is the one who will last the longest in the steam room.

What can you throw?

Most people are available old mobile devices, which is not a pity to throw.But now it can be done in the framework of sporting competitions for throwing phones.The winner is revealed among those furthest throw his cell phone.Also taken into account and the artistry with which the phone was thrown.

But the most unusual sports are relatively recent additions to the game, which is simply bewildering.Its essence lies in throwing.But instead of throwing dwarfs mobile device.And it's a sporting event is traditional for the population of Australia.Moreover, it should be noted that the dwarfs themselves still manage to make money on this game.The winner is the person who will perform the farthest throw.

Ice buildings in Russia

There is not quite the standard sports in Russia.For example, in Tomsk about 10 years in the construction of competing needle.Moreover, participation in this kind of competition can take absolutely everyone.Possible even a master class for those who first came to the competition.Engaged in the construction team.In one group may be from three to six.Each team has a name and a captain.

Agricultural race

Considering the unusual event, without such a name sports like racing, do not succeed.Only instead of cars or motorcycles can be used tractors.This entertainment is held in the Rostov region.Of course, speed is not so great, but the excitement - just incredible!The winner will have the opportunity to make their vehicle tuning of agricultural funds.Extreme

people like more

In the area of ​​the 50s began to move the game, which eventually were called extreme.They are characterized by a high risk not only for health but for life.Acrobatics, adrenaline, the probability of injury - all of it is typical for them.It should list the most extreme sports.

Jumping in the city

among the most dangerous and extreme sport activities can be distinguished BASE Jumping.Unlike the jumps made by parachute from an aircraft means for BASE jumping are characteristic jumping from high buildings.Scala, a pipe factory, a simple building - all of which can serve as a starting point for an athlete.Speed ​​is not too big.

City - one big obstacle

Parkour - another entertainment which is included in the list of "Extreme Sports".It is closely associated with buildings and objects that are located in the streets.The essence of the entertainment is a movement and overcome various obstacles.As obstacles are the railings, walls, buildings, railings and so on. D. There is a separate area in which the obstacles are built for parkour.

Species skiing

names of sports that are extreme, supplemented entertainment called heliisking - one of the varieties of skiing.It consists in the descent from the slopes, which are intact.Rise to the starting point is carried out by helicopter.With it you can find a variety of trails in a pristine nature.Athletes during the descent get just an incredible feeling.And this intransitivity allows you to fully convey the danger of such a sporting event.

Mogul - a sport that is part of the freestyle ski.Competitions are held on the track, which is composed entirely of bumps and jumps.During the competition, the athlete must perform jumps.They can be divided into flips, spins, straight jumps, flips and jumps off the side-Axis.Every mistake of competitors can lead to very serious injury.

water poses considerable danger

Extreme Sports and Entertainment imply associated with scuba diving.We are talking about diving.It is held only with special equipment.The need to identify the skills that you can use to solve problems arising during the dive.The main danger carry sharks and stingrays, who simply do not pay attention to the human experience.

Cave diving is a dive that takes place in caves.He is more dangerous than simply diving, as immediately ascend in case of emergency will not turn.In addition, the movement of the water takes place in the dark in a narrow space.And who said that the water in the caves do not live dangerous creatures?

Entertainment during periods of cold weather

Winter is a great season of the year, suitable for active types of sports activities that can be used not only to maintain a good shape, but a great mood.Ski Sports, skates and snowboards are only a small part of all the events that are possible in the period of cold weather.It should be more elaborate those winter activities, that do not have a high popularity.

Driving on ice, polo on the plains

Ayskarting - under this name hides the race, held on the icy waters.They are held on the cards.This sport is accessible even for children.

Not so long ago winter polo was just a show.But as time passed, and today the royal kind of sport has gained popularity in countries where it snows.In many cases, the money that was bailed out as a result of the competition, sent to the children's sports clubs.

So you do not need a bike in winter?

Who says that the bike becomes useless with the advent of winter?In the event that equip it with skis, he immediately becomes a convenient tool.This bike can be used for sporting achievements walks on snow-covered roads and slopes.

Maybe harnessed to the sled dogs?

Not considered to be a new winter fun riding a sled pulled by dogs.Northern peoples have used since time immemorial animals from a position of draft power.This sporting event is available wherever snow falls.Enough to have a sleigh and well-trained dogs.

Climbing icy rock

Ice klaming - under this name hides a simple ice climbing, mountaineering same.The main difference is that the athlete will need to climb a steep icy rock.The main danger lies in the fragility of ice.In other words, a person may at any moment break.

sled and skis - an essential element of the winter!

Sailing sleds are also called ice boats.Sani usual can not be named, as they are not only equipped with sails and steel skates.Doing such entertainment is best on a flat surface with a moderate wind.

Ski Sports replenished entertainment called "skijoring".The game is the same water skiing.Only this entertainment is typical of the winter period.Also, instead of ponds used snowfields, and instead of boats - simple horse.But skiing is an indispensable element.Steer the horse is capable of not only the rider but also the skier.Instead, you can use dogs or reindeer.

world beneath the ice

unusual winter sports also feature entertainment, water-related.Ice Diving - one of them.It implies a dive under the ice.This should be done carefully.Additionally, the diver must have good skills.The characteristic feature lies in the presence of an ice cover over the man's head.Besides ice world of the uniqueness of which we have said many words, able to surprise each person.Even the skeptics will be struck.

ancient sports games in its cruelty and unusualness are not lagging behind the modern

In our world there is a huge variety of sports activities that can be called crazy.But the older sports will find something to brag about.Or scare.You can sometimes even be glad that some sporting events, characteristic of antiquity have disappeared.It is worth recalling some of the most dangerous and crazy sports games of antiquity.

fight with people and elephants

Ancient Greece distinguished not only by what it was created Western civilization.The inhabitants of this country was invented cruel game - pankration.It is quite similar to those of mixed martial arts that are currently available.A distinctive feature is only the absence of the rules, breaks and rounds, which is typical for the pankration.

Bullfighting with elephants first appeared in Rome.Players are brought to monsters, which were in the role of simple "residents" Carthage - elephants.Slaves had to fight with animals.At the same chances of survival have almost was not.The game is stopped at the time when elephants began just die.

Games with fire

Tug skins - ancient game that came to the modern world with minor modifications.Today, instead of the skins used ropes.And if today as an obstacle between the competing teams can be a simple stream, the Vikings pulled through the skin with a fire pit.Pretty dangerous entertainment.

Volleyball ancient

Pitz appeared in ancient Mexico, where about volleyball was not even thinking.On the rules of almost no one now knows.We only know that this game is very similar to volleyball.The ball used as weighty balls.It argued that the losing team participated in the sacrifices.

fishermen against fishermen

Tournament fishermen held as follows: teams of 8 people in boats floated in the middle of the Nile River and began to fight with each other.Given the fact that many people simply do not swim were able, without victims such entertainment is not complete.Yes, with hippos and crocodiles trying to "thin out" the team as much as possible.

Battleship amphitheater

Navmahiya somewhat similar naval battle.Only distinguishing feature is the aspect that the ships were real.Competitions are held at the amphitheater in Rome.The number of participants reached several thousand.In addition, all happened as if there is a real war.So how to find those wishing to participate in the battle was very hard, used slaves.


Sports listed above can not be called normal.But this is what people in them and draws.The opportunity to participate in something original and always found dangerous fans.Perhaps, in today's world, people just do not have enough adrenaline.