The history of betting, or how did sports betting

Passion has always been inherent in the people.When bookmakers did not exist, avid debaters held between a bet on the outcome of an event.It could be a backyard brawl, cockfighting, weather forecast for next week or sex of the newborn child of royal blood.

Before sports betting there in the usual form, the organizers of the ball ruled sweepstakes.As a rule, it was known in his settlement of people.They took money from wanting to put on a particular outcome of the upcoming event.For his work, they retained a fixed percentage of the remaining money equally divided between the winners.No paintings, handicaps or factors at the time did not exist.

Betting on horse racing since ancient times caused a huge stir and going to many who want to risk their money.Hippodrome was popular in ancient Rome.

Sports Betting in the form in which we are accustomed to see them today, have appeared only in the 19th century.The huge popularity of this kind of gambling has acquired in the UK.By the way, Albion still holdin

g the palm of the number of registered bookmaker.In English players making bets at the bookmaker, is traditionally popular football, horse racing, boxing and cricket.

gradually supplemented bookmakers offer not only new kinds of sports, but also new types of bets: Total match, handicap, Asian handicap and others.

Exchange Rates

landmark event in the world of sports betting has been the emergence of the first betting exchange Betfair.The revolutionary mechanism of interaction of players combined the classic features of the bookmaker and the stock exchange.On Betfair players can bet with each other.Odds are determined by the players.Exchange Rates only takes a fixed percentage for the provision of electronic platform.

These exchanges began to attract more and more players due to its low margins.Margin - the percentage of the winnings, which takes bookmaker.The average margin of bookmakers is 8% on the betting exchanges, the figure was 6-4% of the winning amount.

Game on betting exchanges is intended for experienced players, well-versed in the coefficients and betting offers.

appearance of totes in the USSR

Sports Betting appeared in pre-revolutionary Russia.However, they are a long time did not develop because of the ban.Renaissance sports gambling in the USSR was the establishment in 80 years of public tote "Sportprognoz."Bookmakers European model began to emerge in Russia after 1991.Today, the domestic rates will be available to fans of the world's best bookmakers: Bet365, WilliamHill, Pinnacle Sports.

In recent years, there was also a lot of domestic firms, offering to bet on various sports.Among the most famous are registered Marathon, Zenith, Bet City, Olympus.

We should also mention the tarnished reputation of the Russian bookmakers.Many offices are in the "black list BETTER" for various reasons.As a rule, these are the problems with the withdrawal of funds, blocking of accounts, cancellation of winning bets, setting limits on the rates for professional players.

Before you choose a bookmaker for sports betting, it is recommended to study carefully all the reviews about it and become familiar with the rating bookies.