Protein girls to recruit muscle mass and weight loss

Today sports nutrition was given not only to professional bodybuilders and bodybuilders, but also ordinary people who are engaged in power sports and fitness.The special distribution of the protein obtained.Now this popular supplements for both men and women.Protein for girls is not only a source of protein for muscle building, but also a good way to get rid of excess weight.

Types protein

Do not forget that the protein - is, in fact, the protein only in the form of a special powder, which is an extract from a variety of animal and plant origin.The speed of this digestion dietary supplement is divided into two types.Whey protein is a very fast, used for instant recovery of amino acid balance.Slow proteins - they are soy (for vegetarians) and casein (milk extractor) - are quite a long time, gradually consuming the body.

also protein differs in the percentage of the active substance.The cheapest kind is of no more than 50-80% per 100 grams of weight, the remainder being fat and carbohydrates.Pr

oteins are very popular for girls to lose weight - a whey protein concentrate, so-called "isolates".They can contain up to 90% beneficial agent.Depending on the presence of impurities, these food additives are divided into monocomponent and multicomponent.The latter may contain maltodeksin (very fast carbohydrate) for better absorption of protein, various vitamin and mineral supplements, herbs and so on. D.


natural proteins for women can be a very nasty taste.That is why not buy a product with a variety of masking agents or dissolving the powder in fruit juice, it is best to use an orange or apple.Also, it can be sweetened cocoa or jam.Good option - take a berry (strawberry, cherry, raspberry) and vanilla flavor, it's easy to drink with plain water and milk.However, the best protein for girls - chocolate, as it will not only meet the daily need for sweets, but also provide the body with fast carbohydrates.

Choice protein

If your goal - a beautiful, slim figure with a strong relief muscles, without the sports nutrition you can not do.To quickly achieve the result it is worth considering some nuances.When asked about what the protein is better for girls, one answer: whey protein concentrate.It contains the largest number of active substances.And if you acquire multicomponent grade, then as a nice bonus, get a set of trace elements necessary to improve athletic performance, and you do not have to spend money on extra supplements.

Whey protein for women is good because it is very rapidly absorbed.It should be taken in the morning on an empty stomach or with breakfast for 1.5-2 hours before exercise and immediately thereafter, for 40 minutes.In the days of rest should limit ourselves to two doses with an interval of about 8-10 hours.However, if you aim for the very fast set of weight, you can purchase additional casein (long) protein and drink it just before bedtime.So you can keep your muscles due to the fact that at night the body will be more makeup.


Protein girls can serve as a stimulator of muscle growth and fat burner.Based on the objectives, you must properly dispense the additive.The daily dose of protein for women actively engaged unpicked, is 1 gram per kilogram of body weight.The entire amount of protein should be no more than 25-30% of your daily caloric needs.Also do not forget that the majority of the amino acids you need to get from food.Thus, the day should take no more than 30-35 grams of powder, the remaining proteins should be consumed with food (eggs, cheese, milk, meat).

protein for women to lose weight should be up to 40-45% of the daily calorie intake, the remainder being fat.The amount of carbohydrate should be minimized.So, the day you will need about 50-60 grams.

Rules of preparation and storage

For good digestibility of the product it is necessary to properly prepare.The most common form of use of the additive is a protein shake.There are a lot of recipes, but the basis for all virtually identical.

You will need the powder itself, low-fat milk (required cold) and a banana.Combine all ingredients in a blender and enjoy.This drink can be stored in the refrigerator for days.The recipe can vary ice cream, cottage cheese, egg whites, fruits and berries.The protein, diluted with water, can be stored for much longer, it does not lose any flavor or useful qualities.The main thing is that the liquid was always cold.From high temperature protein folds, and you risk damaging the product.


How useful protein for the girls?Reviews can be found both positive and not so.Just observe the dosage and application rules, whereas the negative impacts can be easily avoided.

when a girl can take a protein:

  • When doing any kind of professional sports.
  • during intense workouts in the gym with a predominance of anaerobic loads.
  • To build muscle relief.
  • For very heavy physical exertion at work or home, when in the morning a feeling of "muscle frailty."In this case, the protein will satisfy your protein deficiency.
  • in acute shortage of weight or treatment of anorexia.Protein shakes can help to gradually move to a normal diet.
  • When intolerance protein food (meat, eggs, fish).In this case, for successful fitness requires a source of protein.

When it is not necessary to make a protein:

  • case of serious liver and kidney diseases.
  • When laktoneperenosimosti (but in these cases it is possible to give preference to egg or soy protein).
  • In diseases of the bladder.
  • If you dizzy, and out of his mouth there was a smell of ammonia, should stop taking protein or halve the dose of its consumption.