Loop the hare.

serious hunters will specifically kill time and a leg to get hare.Hunting the hare loops often accompanies main fishery.For example, I went sable traps set at the same time picked up a dozen loops.I noticed a suitable place in the birch forest - established loop trail over the hare.The carcass of the animal bait will fit, and skin will set off in the Implementation Plan.

Time matters

pose the loop on hare when winter is dispersed, gained momentum.Fallout enough rabbit trails cut through deep snow.Not like these little animals run over the snow, making their real "pavements".To put hinges on a hare in the winter - it's too, you know, the art!No suicide is oblique to willingly climb into the loop!An experienced hunter finds a place in which the fate of the hare did not dodge.For example, where the trail passes between two closely standing trees.We select a sector, too, must wisely.On the path to tread is strictly not recommended.Hare notice and reproach: Do not run, say, a path, so what right tram

ple?It can even be offended and will no longer go here.Paved aside another trail, away from sin!

How to guard the loop?

Loop hare loose end is tied to the tree trunk, and a ring of wire with a diameter of 15-20 cm should be placed perpendicular to the movement of animal and hang 10 inches above the trail.An experienced hunter disguises loop also bushes, grass blade of grass, which knocked out a number out of the snow.Poor scythe!How many times he pushed his way between these very trees and grass gently tickling his fur.And then suddenly - again!He grabbed by the throat and will not let me.The more eager to escape the hare, the stronger squeezes his neck noose.


Those who are interested in how to put hinges on the rabbit, should take note of another subtlety.To skew did not suspect anything, you need to fight off the stranglehold of human odor.Some of this is boiled in a loop a bowl with pine or birch twigs.Maybe hare and not fussy as we're painted it, not disdain wondering and boiled with needles loop, but stained fingers to spread the ring loops of the trail is clearly not worth it.

From a wire loop made catchability?

Now tell how to make a loop on the hare.Popular literature recommends the use for these purposes Nichrome wire cross section of 0.7 millimeters.It stands on the gap to 30 kilograms of weight.This loop is, believe me, not only the hare, fox and stop!And the hunters told that the loop hare extracted sometimes more big game than the fox, for example, the lynx.On the noose will go a little more than a meter of wire.At one end of it is a small ring with a diameter of five millimeters, it is passed the free end of the wire - a loop is ready.

Currently, you can buy anything, including high-quality material for the loops.Previously not particularly thought about some of the wire loop is made.And not forced birds to check the strength of the new product.If you do not manage to get a good thin steel wire from a friend beekeeper (suitable as a material for the pull on the frame), burning old tires on trucks.Or unwinding coils from old transformers.Any comer, even a thin copper wire was the cause.

Repetition - the mother of learning

The most important thing to do for a quick catch the animal - it is right to set the loop.Make caper, arching wires at the base of the ring to the time loop on the hare is in standby mode and is only triggered by contact with his potential victim.With practice it comes to understanding what should be on the largest diameter of the ring.Notice how animals caught in a loop: if the body - the trap is too high.I dragged and left - so small or not at the level set.This loop will bypass the hare.Utknetes it will feel wrong and - heels!


The loop should climb bunny head that she thoroughly tightened around his neck.That this animal and your.And then there are times when a hunter at the installation site is only compacted rings circle the clearing.This means that, most likely, there was a big loop, so the hare got into her body.And as the throat nobody choked, and very much wanted to live, he ran around in a circle as long as is not twisted or broken wires.To loop by twisting it does not break off, you can supplement it with a kapron rope at the end, and then a rope tied to a tree.Sometimes the place gets is that neither Bush near the trail grows.In such cases, use the "potask", ie the peg, pulling out which animal will carry it as long as neither entangled in a thicket.And in a thicket he will definitely go because peg rustling behind, and the hare starts to overwhelm persecution.Out of fear, he rammed into the thicket, and there, of course, confused.Even using a pole, which at an angle to the path buried in the snow.Long pole hare can not afford to drag along, and then the oblique stays in place and shall be at the mercy of the winner.

Preliminary results

Here we are, slowly, exhaustively figure out how to put hinges on the rabbit (or rabbits).But only an experienced hunter laugh at our naivete.He will tell you that the loop should be put only on the "fresh" trails.That is, before installing the trap, make sure that the oblique did not leave a trail and still uses it, going to feed and back.If the whole week are cold, and the snow does not go, you are unlikely to distinguish the old from the new trail, and therefore will not be able to properly install its hinges.Snowstorm, blizzard, and other such "charms" of the winter, too, do not contribute to the normal hunt.By the way, viewing the loop, it is desirable to go, they say, "in the tracks."In this case, it is hoped that a blizzard is not peremetet your tracks, and you never step on the path hare.You can read a lot of hunting literature, but did not try the hare, produced by hand.No wonder that a classic saying that experience - the son of errors difficult ... as Marxists, but practice confirms or refutes the theory.Armed with knowledge, you need to test them in practice, ie hunting.Now that you know how to catch a hare loop.But still, it is desirable first time to go hunting is not one, but in the company of more experienced colleagues, as there is always something to learn from him.

living example

There are aces - Mama Do not Cry!And much more likely to meet these.For example, one person can regularly go for hares and bring at a time up to three dozen.And the other company, even though the three trades, the result is an order of magnitude more modest.And this - one, and you - a sleigh full of rabbits!It turns out, early in the morning, he goes skiing and travels along the track, just a few hundred meters away.It takes about five kilometers in one direction and the same - in the opposite direction, closer to home.And in the jungle does not climb, and hares complete.What's the trick, then?The fact that the rabbits in winter close to human habitation huddle.Foxes, wolves, lynx and sable afraid of people.

Yes, there are wise hunters, many of which could come up for efficient fishing hare hare ... And what are the wise!