Deer hunting requires restraint and caution

Red Deer is considered one of the coveted trophy hunter.This is an incredibly powerful animal with a beautiful slender legs, graceful and elegant head branched horns.Deer are able to move quickly, despite the fact that the weight of a single individual can reach 340 kg.In summer, the deer is most common in grassy areas, close to the meadows where graze mainly at night.In winter, he chooses the places where a lot of small shrubs, suitable for animal feed.

deer hunting

Typically, these noble animals are gregarious life.Hart is mined in many ways.Some of them, because of its efficiency, received the greatest popularity.The most common deer hunting is carried out decoy, ply them a shelter, with the approach and of the ambush, with the dog on solonetz.In some cases, it is very much in common with the shooting of elk, which, as we know, is a member of the same group.

Mostly deer hunting is conducted in the winter and autumn periods.Opening day is considered the first of September, and the season last

s until the first of January.Traditional types of "outdoor sports" are hunting deer Skrad or decoy, less popular - battue.In any case, you must exercise extreme caution, because these animals are very developed sense of smell: they can smell a man even at a distance of half a kilometer.That's why you need to hunt them is always calm and very quiet.

Hunting with decoy

During the rut the males begin to actively search for females.At this time, proved itself the best hunting deer decoy.The shooter is usually alone, without being accompanied, and even more so without a dog.Favorable to hunt in a quiet, dry, clear and slightly cooler weather, that nothing prevented the deer decoy to catch the sounds and move to the "Call".Therefore, the hunter, before proceeding to the immediate production of the beast, you must clearly hear the roar of the male, to accurately calculate their location.

considerable role is played by the vigilance and constant observation of the females: they are very sensitive to any sounds.Therefore, may prompt the arrow on the approximation of production.

Where should pass the hunting of deer, preferred to hold ahead of time, before dawn.And you need to be located on the leeward side, so as not to give out its presence.Sounds made by the decoy must be a tone above the roar of the male hunts down, creating an image of a younger and weaker opponent.Then the adult is willing to fight.This method is used most often fall in September.

ambush shooting of

This kind of hunting can be combined with the previous method.On the site for special rut sounds beckon the young animal, which can be traced in advance.Then arrows waiting for him in a secluded refuge, built in advance.Deer hunting from an ambush on solonetz and acceptable to the main trail, which considered the animal walks on utility bills or watering, as well as prone.

However, before we get down to business, all you need to carefully check and make sure that the routes are found - permanent.You will need to spend some time on the "intelligence".

Hunting deer Skrad


am, where the young grass little long deer graze.Therefore, many fishers have resorted to other methods known as hunting deer with Skrad.For this, they carefully follow the herd to its regular parking lot on utility bills, where you can safely shoot zaprimechennoe earlier animal.However, the deer before leaving in the open area, long listen and sniff.That is why caution and calm for the shooter will not redundant.

In Skrad production need to keep off as close to, fired from the nozzle bullet in the chest, immediately put the beast.Otherwise podranok run away and will look unrealistic.

fishing with his dog and approach

This deer hunting is practiced more in light snow.It takes usually huskies - the most intolerant and vicious wild animals.They are used for production of the pen onto the sludge, followed by sonorous bark, attracting the attention of the owner, or just to stop the running of the beast.Hunting deer in the winter with the approach also requires extreme caution, as to an anxious animal, usually a second time can not come.

Production - Reindeer

in the taiga and tundra inhabited by the only representatives of this noble family, whose horns are both males and females.Reindeer vary a good sense of smell and a decent hearing, but poor eyesight.From September to November, they begin rut, which is characteristic of the formation of mixed herds.Often just hunting for reindeer made quite "exotic" way.However, it is only possible if there is domesticated noble kinsman "stag", which is not afraid of shots.The main advantage is that the wild deer did not fear his brother, so quietly graze on.A hunter, hiding behind his trunk, "bait", suitable for the production as close as possible and make accurate shot.

Spotted deer

It's the closest relatives of the representatives of the noble species.They are less sensitive, so sneak up on them is quite simple.Sika deer lives in southwest Asia.His character is quite peaceful, but in clarifying relationships with other males, except for the horns, the course starts and front hooves, and even teeth.These animals are very shy, even park maintenance does not relieve them from the secular fear of man.Since the end of September to November, the unforgettable sounds roar filled the habitat of the animals mentioned.Hunting for sika deer in this period effectively only a decoy, it is also possible year-round shooting from the tower and approach.