Skeleton - sport.

Skeleton - sport comprising descent lying on his stomach on a sledge dvuhpolozevyh athlete on the ice chute.The prototype of the modern sports equipment - a Norwegian fishing ake.The winner is the one who is in the shortest possible time, goes the distance.

little history

first information about the luge competitions date back to the early nineteenth century, when the Swiss Alps British tourists attempted to go down on a sled down the snow-covered mountain slopes.In 1883, at the Swiss ski resort, which is now known to every businessman, they organized the first international competition resembling known today sport - sled.Pictures from newspapers of that era show that the sled of the nineteenth century were very different from today's.Several years later, an Englishman by the name of Child greatly surprised his colleagues a new design of sports equipment.He made it from metal strips having a width of about twenty-two millimeters.
It was then and there was a name "skeleton", which in Greek means "cag

e", "skeleton".Good name stuck.Skeleton having no steering, equipped with a weighted frame length of 70 and 38 centimeters in width and is mounted on steel rails.His descent athlete lying face down, operates using special spikes on the toes of shoes made.

first competition

Skeleton is very interesting, but at the same time is not a very common sport.The history of its origin and development of short duration.In 1905, the first sports competition on the descent from the mountains on sleds were held outside Switzerland - in the Austrian mountains of Styria.The next year there was the first national championship for the skeleton.Seven years later, at the beginning of 1912, in Germany, it was established a joint club two sports: hockey and sled, and a year later in the same country began to hold open tournaments.The Russian winter sport - sled - gradually began to spread in the region of Kaliningrad.However, the First World War for a long time slowed down its development in European countries.And only in 1921 near St. Moritz was able to have an open championship downhill on a sled.

Some features

Skeleton - quite a dangerous sport.During the descent the sled accelerated to high speeds.In comparison with the skeleton bobsleigh to impose more stringent requirements.The main condition is that the weight of the athlete with the sled men should not exceed 115, and female - 92 kg.In some cases, the rules are allowed to burden the sled ballasted.

by the rules established for more than a century ago, the route for this kind of competition in sports like sled must be tailored to the required standards.The first-quarter kilometer route should be so designed that can provide luger dispersal to hundred kilometers per hour.The last one hundred or one hundred and fifty meters distance should be sloped to twelve degrees.This is done in order to, finishing, an athlete can safely stop.In addition, all international toboggan runs, where competitions are held on the skeleton, elevation from the starting line and the finish point must be a hundred meters or more.For comparison, you can imagine what an athlete goes down on a small sled lying on his stomach forward head at high speed from a height of 33-storey building.

main provisions of the International Olympic rules regarding the skeleton contains several key provisions.Firstly, the competition for the sport necessarily require the use of sledge bobsleigh track with a minimum length of 1,200 meters, and the maximum - 1650 meters.At the beginning of a run-in skeletonschik accelerated (acceleration length - 25-40 meters) and then belly down and head forward quickly lays down on the sled and the track almost flying.The athlete must be in a given position, arms stretched along the body.

sled debut at the Olympics

Everyone knows that the skeleton - an Olympic sport.And he made his debut at the Winter Games in the same St. Moritz in 1928.The first gold medal won the then representative of the United States Jennison Heaton.Twenty years later, in the same city in 1948, the skeleton was again declared in the competition program.Since 1969, the race began to take place in several stages, scattered on the five-month period, as in this case, the final result minimally dependent on climatic conditions.

Skeleton today

most important step in the history of the sport was his entry into the International Federation of Bobsleigh and Skeleton.In 1982 he hosted the first World Championship skeleton in St. Moritz.It was attended by ten athletes from seven European countries.Skeleton - a sport that is now developing in many countries around the world, including in Russia.They are engaged in four continents.At the end of the last century, the International School of the skeleton were trained not only athletes, but also coaches in the various states.There were even developed special programs.

Skeleton Federation

At the competition for the World Cup by the International Federation held annually stages the tournament under the name "Tyrol Cup", which may try their hand young and inexperienced athletes.Skeleton - a sport in which especially good Americans.So, at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City podium was completely captured by the hosts, representatives of the United States won all the prizes.

downhill on a sled currently organizes and oversees the International Federation of luge.Skeleton - sport, popular in the world today.They are engaged, even in hot countries such as South Africa, Australia and Mexico.In Russia, he received the active dissemination of a few years ago.However, in 2001 the Russian athletes could demonstrate brilliant results in international big tournaments.

Skeleton in our country

In 2002 Ekaterina Mironova - favorite of female skeleton team - ranked seventh at the Games in Salt Lake City.And in the next year at the World Championships in this sport it is, winning a silver medal at the acceleration set a new course record.Medal in skeleton at the Russian athletes have not been.In 2008, Russian Alexander Tretyakov tournament of the World Cup, held in Igls, has also managed to set the course record and won the silver medal.In 2009, he also took first place in the World Cup.In Sochi Olympics this year Tretyakov won the gold medal, becoming the first Olympic champion in the skeleton, which had a chance to win, being the rank of the reigning world champion.Russian athletes not spoil their fans victories, but today's Olympians have brought our country two Olympic medals.The second medal for the country - a bronze - in women won Elena Nikitina.It is hoped that the skeleton is back for a long time and seriously.Now that all the Olympic capital built toboggan runs, there was confidence that the sport is no longer disappear!