What is exposure and how to configure it?

It often happens that the photo - with any level of professional camera - is too light or too dark.The correct hue of the picture - that's what the exhibition.Amateur photographers using automatic and semi-automatic modes.However, if you are thinking to create high-quality photos, you should know not only that such exposure, but also on how to properly configure it in different lighting conditions manually.

few words about color compensation

standard exposure, which recognizes the camera, is not always enough to get a good picture.Exposure compensation helps to adjust the default settings of the camera.Adapts it for each photo for different lighting separately.

Every object has the ability to reflect light.Therefore we can not say exactly when you may need to adjust exposure - it depends on the level of illumination, the expected outcome and skill of the photographer.Each camera is equipped with a light meter, which is used for self-adjustment.It can help you maintain a balance of light and dar

k in the photos, making them more expressive and avoiding overexposure or underexposure.

Recommendations for adjusting the exposure
enough to know that such exposure, to obtain high-quality photographs, because it may not always be necessary.Additional settings are required in certain cases.
When framing bright objects, it is recommended to increase.When shooting a dark subject, on the contrary, the camera automatically increases the exposure, resulting in a very bright object.Therefore, in this case the decrease is required.

Standard exposure when shooting bright and colored objects leads to the fact that the frame is dark or light, at least - balanced color.To prevent spoiled shots also requires an increase in the exposure - if the frame will bright.In addition, for example, if the photograph will prevail any particular color, it may also require manual adjustment.So, for the purple and orange, it is desirable to increase the exposure value of 0.5 for the pink - 1 level.

correct color

White balance - the key to the correct transmission of color camera, which needs to know the owner of any cell.Having understood that such exposure, how to set it up and when to use, you should find out about the possibilities of automatic cameras, through which it turns a living picture with the right balance of colors.Thus, the use of daylight settings help secure items in the sunlight with a maximum transfer of all colors.Setting the shadows will not give in shot unwanted blue cast, which is almost always reflected from the sky in the background.Outdoor shooting in cloudy weather needs to compensate for the brightness of that object had not bluish (as is standard in this light), and yellow, that is brighter hue.The greenish glow that appears under fluorescent lighting, can also be removed using the automatic settings of shooting modes on the camera.