Neon colors back in the ranks!

Fashion is back - this rule has long jagged anyone who even slightly follows the trends in clothes, shoes and make-up.Of course, each new era brings about changes in the resurrected from the past fashionable image.It gives a fresh breath once the actual style that goes back to the world's catwalks in the collections of famous designers.So insanely fashionable in the 80s neon colors are again in operation and filled wardrobes modern beauties.But it seemed that their time has passed and will not return.That this is so unpredictable fashion.

fashionable to be easy!

Remember how even 3-4 years ago at the peak of popularity were soft pastel colors in clothing, natural makeup and a minimum of accessories to complete the look.What about today?Fashion turned 180 degrees, and invited us to use in creating their bows bright neon colors.Although - not.Now it is very difficult to be "unfashionable": we are given a wide field for stylish fantasy and the ability to wear something that identifies us, makes vers

atile and profitable emphasizes dignity.In the morning it can be a strict dress pastel shades afternoon ripped jeans with a white T-shirt stretched, and in the evening the elegant neon orange dress with a blue strap.And every time we look like on the cover of the latest issue of the magazine.Therefore, the question "what color trend in 2013?"there is no exact answer.In a fashion all the colors!

bright summer colors

Yet summer wants to look particularly bright, but cool.Delicate light shades do not go anywhere, and on a hot day, they could not be better to make your way.But you can, and get bored.Therefore, dilute your wardrobe by adding a neon colors.It could be dresses, skirts and shorts, tops, shoes and accessories of bright red, yellow, blue, purple, and other eye-catching colors.Here they are, the colors of summer 2013!Create them daring combinations and raduyte others, diluting the dull crowd of passers-by.

combining clothes: the contrast or monochrome?

How to combine neon colors?Last year was considered particularly fashionable clothing contrast: you can wear a blue skirt, an orange top and share all this bright light green strap.Do not forget that footwear and accessories also welcomed colorful.

Today, the trend has changed.Neon is still the leader among the palette of fashionable shades.But now designers are advised to create stylish monochrome images.That is dressed entirely in one color, such as pink or yellow.Such a bow has a number of advantages.It is visually lengthen and slim figure.In addition, the use of color allows you to choose clothes of different texture, which makes the combination of interesting and complicated.Makeup at the same time should be natural.But on the nail polish you can play: apply bold bright colors in the color of the suit.

pastel and neon colors - perfect match

If the last fashion season you have a lot of clothes in pastel shades, and now you buy stylish neon things - do not be afraid to combine them together.And not to spoil the bow, use examples from fashion magazines and be inspired displays of famous designers.Importantly, do not bend with the number of colors and textures - all should be in moderation, even neon.Let be a bright one and two positions: clothes, accessories, shoes and nail polish.By following these tips, you will create a perfect image of the modern fashionista.