What is symmetry, or as nature helps the inhabitants of the planet

The fact that such a symmetry, we all know since school years.Teachers elementary geometry detail this concept explained to us the examples of the circle, square or less symmetrical triangle and oval.However, apart from a dry definition, symmetry, along with the golden section occupies an important place in nature.The existence of its bilateral importance in living organisms noted a long time ago.Now we look at how the existence of symmetry helps us.

What is symmetry?The word comes to us from the Greek language, and it means proportionality.Dictionaries interpret this value is different, but the essence is the same.Symmetry - the location of one or more subjects or in proportion to each other harmoniously.Typically, in order to determine whether the symmetrical part of one whole, between Marshall imaginary mirror plane.It may be a single as well as increase in amount.Parts of the subject should be mirror images of each other in these planes.If they are ideally suited to this statement, then you can cl

early see what is symmetry.

most accurately identifies the element of the doctrine of the crystals as they perfectly symmetrical.In addition, the symmetry of the structure is found in plants, the mirror plane is divided into several identical parts branches, flowers, and parts of their bodies.Animals and people also are not without her, but to a lesser extent, and it is called bilateral, that is, two-way.For instance, if we draw a vertical mirror plane (here it can only be unique), then the two parts are symmetrical.Thus, sufficient symmetry is widespread in nature and in practice, not only in geometry.

Discovery paleontologists led scientists to revise its previous opinion.The fact that the appearance of bilateral symmetry is celebrated by 40 million years earlier than expected.This suggests that the nature has created more adapted multicellular creatures long before there were first the makings of a man.We can not say that the latter has acquired all of the positive elements that could give him a bilateral symmetry, but without them it would not be able to survive.

Consider, for example, two eyes.Thanks to them, the man and the animal can be to look at the world around us, as three-dimensional space.They can determine how close or far away from them is a particular object.It should be noted how useful binocular vision to predators, because without it they would not be able to catch prey, and thus the survival of their remains in question.Do not remain aloof and herbivores, their eyes are located on both sides of the head, which allows them to fully inspect the area around it.This greatly reduces their chances of falling prey to predator.Two ear can not only hear the sound, but also to determine its source.Two legs to help move calmly, without losing balance.

Thus, apart from the fact that such symmetry, it can not ignore the useful qualities.After all, if nature has not endowed us by them, then our existence would have long since ceased.