What is the pattern and what his magic

Ornament - is frozen magic eternal rhythms.He gossip of stylized characters, which are encoded in human relationships, the surrounding world and understanding of it, about life, about death, about eternity.This definition is somewhat poetic, but not scientific.So what is the pattern in terms of geometry, art and semiotics, even as some of his characters perform, among others, the communicative function?Simple shapes, from which develops a more complex pattern, the same for almost all crops.The differences appear in the other - in the frequency and characteristics of a specific character.In some nations are more frequently observed circles as a symbol of the sun, while others - the spiral as a symbol of eternity.Geometric patterns are made up of elements such as:

  • curving line - the symbol of water and changing the world;
  • circle - a sign of the sun and infinity;
  • cross - the symbol of the male (the sky) and female (ground).

Everything that happens in the world is cyclical, subject to rhythms that

permeate the whole life of nature.Rhythm gives rise to oscillation.And this is life - so says science.Day and night, summer and winter, ebb and flow - all managed by a common rhythm.Man has always felt his presence, he knew about it, and this knowledge is reflected in the ornament, which is located on the plane with her rhythmically repeated elements.Basic knowledge of geometry enough to understand that this pattern as a set of graphic signs.

Cross as an element of the ornament and amulet

rightly considered the geometry of the foundation of any ornament, and as the whole world is made up of lines and volumes.However, besides the actual geometric pattern, there are floral, zoomorphic, anthropomorphic.These types are distinguished on the grounds expressed in them.Ancient people in general all things of the world perceived as signs of a hidden, undeveloped content, mysterious meaning.Not surprisingly, pagan symbols so firmly entrenched in all religions.For example, the cross is easy to understand that such a pattern as an expression of divine truth as a specific ritual attribute.For Christians, this amulet, a symbol of God, the sacrifice, repentance, salvation.Cross as part of the magic figure is present in the Ukrainian embroidered shirts and towels, embroidered shirts in Russian, in national costumes of many others, not necessarily Christian, peoples.


today in architecture and arts and crafts ornaments previously used as an element of magic defense, and as decoration.Today magic function negated, preserved only decorative.Traditional architectural ornament carved in stone, Russian thread - in the tree.Less often cast in gold, silver and bronze.We also used the plaster and clay.On the surface of the finished ornament apply paint colors were chosen in strict accordance with tradition.In modern architecture, this pattern does not enjoy great popularity, and when resort to it, it does not really care about respecting the traditions in tracings of characters and the colors.But interior designers very happy to exploit its decorative possibilities, although insight into what a pattern usually do not have.It turns out that in our bedrooms, designed with the latest fashion, very often there are signs antagonists neighborhood which would never have allowed our ancestors.And suddenly ornament does have magical powers, and we risk to fall under its power?It is worth considering!