Oriental belly dancing and magic

man who saw for the first time Eastern belly dancing is not on the screen, and in the hall, the stage can be numb from the beauty and fairy tales, which hit.He loses the power of speech, hears nothing but rhythmic oriental music, and sees only the music winding, plastic, beautiful movements of dancers.Air shine captivating attire, the languid, the perky eye performers and, most importantly, themselves oriental belly dancing and maddening men and women.

What is it - the magic?Oriental belly dancing - a fairy tale or reality in which the viewer gets unwittingly mentally involved in them?It seems to him that he also dances.This is evident when you look at the part of the viewer.Swinging his head and body, "musical mimicry" on the face of the movement of the lips and eyebrows, glowing with pleasure eyes, tapped on the arm of his hands ... Yes, that act on the viewer magical oriental belly dancing.Foreigners coming to the East, be sure to try to get to the belly-dance-show.This presentation, which demons

trates belly dancing, belly dancing.And it is here that the dancers and the dancers can convey the specificity of this art, plastic and beauty of movement, grace and femininity.It is inherent in them from birth, imbibed with mother's milk.

little history

, who came from the distant past belly dance has its own story.According to critics, he appeared more than 1,000 years BCPresumably in India, Greece, Egypt, Persia.First he served as a ritual dance dedicated to the goddess of fertility, mother goddess.Proof of this is found in ancient Greece and Egypt, murals, manuscripts, drawings and descriptions of oriental dance with a distinct temperament and movements of the abdomen, hips, legs, shoulders.Their main executable priest or priestess temples.

first oriental belly dancing were male - military, then they began to dance and women.They make the action even more popular, plastic and erotic.This feature is facilitated and beauty of the female body, gorgeous costumes and rhythmic music.

Belly dance became a walk around the world: Turkey, China, Korea, Vietnam, and South America.Each people makes it something different, but the basic movements: hip distortion, vibration and shaking the abdomen, arms, legs - left.It is known that the Indian dancers, gypsies, traveling to countries of the East and Europe, arrived in Andalusia, the birthplace of flamenco, which absorbed the elements of Arabic, Indian, Spanish, Gypsy.

In Europe, belly dancing has spread in the late XIX century, thanks to the dancer Mata Hari.In America, this dance brought Saul Bloom.However, he was introduced to them in striptiznom version.

Dance changed.Gradually ritual, harem, the military turned into a festive and entertaining for her husband, or a small number of spectators.

me and decorations.Initially outfit covering the body decorated with a belt, a scarf or a scarf tied up on the thigh to emphasize the shape and show the specificity of the dance.Over time, the clothes became more frank, open.The elegant bodice, low landing (below the navel) costumes emphasize the waist and hips, as well as before every movement of the body can be seen.I must say that today the costume for oriental belly dancing is quite expensive - up to $ 1,000.Since beads, glass beads, crystals, coins, feathers and other ornaments sewn manually custom-design.

dancer oriental dance movements in their talks about the beauty and inner peace, and body and life.It affects how the public will perceive its presentation - as an erotic dance or soul glorifies the woman-mother, woman-wife, woman-continuation of the human race, which tells of his love.

Dancing East has always been expensive.To invite the dancers to the event, you need to pay a lot, especially in some countries of Eastern belly dancer performs and entertainment functions: it is a clever conversationalist and a wise adviser, well recited poems, sings and accompanies.

Oriental dance and women's health

beautiful representatives of different countries today want to learn this art.It opens a lot of schools.Pass oriental dance competitions across the country and globally.The woman in this action liberating, relaxing becomes a beautiful, healthy.Dancing eastern tighten all the muscles in the body (especially the abdominal muscles, waist and pelvis), give a powerful charge.Women are strong and ductile, so they need to continue the race.

Currently no celebration in the East is not without oriental dance.They decorate weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, concerts.