Children dance.

not know what to do with the baby?The best choice would be children dancing.This physical activity, and creativity at the same time.Today there are so many different studios and schools where children are taught dancing.What should I look for when searching for your child's team?

dance style

At the beginning you have to decide that your child will be dancing.Ballroom, pop, hip-hop, aerobics, classical ballet and much more - all children's dances.Movement, of course, very different from each other.If you want to develop a child's coordination, then the best suited rhythmic dances, such as fashionable today cheerleading.If you want to give your child an excellent stretching and grace, it is best classical choreography you will find nothing.However, the second approach more than girls.Boys are almost always oppose all any dances, but in vain.Children dancing perfectly develop concentration, a sense of space and your own body.

Age group

Children's dance groups may be quite different age categor

ies.It is important to pay attention to it, not just because your child may be there physically difficult (it will not be easy to memorize movements prepared for the older group).It is necessary also to ensure that the child was emotionally comfortable in the team.After all, if you give the 4-year-old kid in the group of 10-year bonds, the probability that he will make friends there, very small.We must make sure that the child went to school with a desire, rather than forcing it to do everything "under duress."

As a rule, children dancing for the little ones are the same program.This game exercises, dances.The movement is nothing new has been invented: it is always different, "butterfly", "grasshoppers" and "mill" which strengthen the muscles of children at a very early stage.Give stretching your child as a child - it's the best thing you can do for him.Kids almost feel nothing when they are stretched, but the adults can scream in pain.To sit down on a twine or at least up to the bridge - it's great to be able to do at any age.


Take the time to learn more about the choreography, which are planning to send their children.What's his experience?It is important not only to have a dance education, and then to know how to work with children.The teacher should not shout at children.However, to allow them to misbehave in the classroom - is not a sign of professionalism.It is important that kindness and rigor in moderation.

Please note, if a team is involved in contests and competitions.In the extreme case, whether held an accounting concert.This is important because with the help of your child learns appearances are not afraid of the stage and the audience.And you can see the result of his work and the work of the teacher.


If you have already found the right group and you wrote to your child, be sure to purchase for him the correct footwear and clothing.Simple Gym shoes, athletic shorts and T-shirt - all you need at the earliest stages.Do not forget to braid girl!Disheveled hair will distract her from her studies.

In the beginning, it makes no sense to buy it all in professional dance stores.Certainly, in them you will find only the highest quality uniform, however, and the prices are appropriate.And if your child after the first class does not want to go more to the dance?It turns out, the money will be wasted.

Choose only the best for your child, and do not forget that dance - this is the life!