What is Hentai?

Many who are starting to learn by means of electronic networks with manga and anime, asking: "What is Hentai?"And by the way, in most cases, is the calling card of this genre of art.Anyone who has tried to reflect what hentai, erroneously concludes that in the anime, except for huge genitals, and various degrees of nakedness, nothing.This is not so.However hentai often encountered in manga and anime.So, perhaps, we focus on what is hentai.

word "hentai" is translated from Japanese as "perverse" and correctly pronounced "hentay", but is often used in everyday pronunciation "hentai".In general, this word several meanings, but outside Japan it is commonly understood as "paint erotica and pornography."

Despite the fact that the Japanese "hentai" used as an adjective, in the Russian language it is presented as a masculine noun.Hence the corresponding adjective "hentai".

origins of hentai

in the history of Japanese art from ancient times there were erotic drawings and engravings.The first drawings o

n the wall, who came to us from the middle of the first millennium AD, had a clear sexual content.Some of them have been drawn out of mischief, while others differed purposefulness for religious purposes.It has long been no secret that the country still pass the ancient "phallic worship" rites basis for taking images of phalluses - male genital organs.

Species hentai

main consumers of this type of art are the teenagers and people 30-35 years old.Teen hentai manga focuses on seniors and students.Her heroes are also pupils and students who are experiencing first love and the difficulties of the transition period, which make the first steps on the path to knowledge of the world.Create another anime and computer games on this subject.

hentai manga for adults is much more simple and utilitarian.It has no specific ideas, there is no discussion of any problems, the goal of this type of manga and anime is delivering a simple sexual pleasure.The graphics of this style varies greatly with teenage releases: here face distorted by anger or passion, women are often ugly.

In addition to "standard" forms of sex, considerable popularity in Hentai are sadomasochism, fetishism and homosexuality.

Very interesting is the fact that often depict hentai demons - mythical creatures.Usually the story is that a young and inexperienced girl raped by a demon, while he shares with it a force.

addition hentai manga and anime released artbook, kospleynuyu clothes, calendars, posters, figurines made of plastic and other products.Hentai-figures that depict the characters of manga and anime, enjoyed incredible popularity in Japan and abroad.While, however, the otaku (a person who is obsessed with this type of art) also collects figurines, toys and everything that in any way associated with any object of his passion.

And the reason that is hentai, can be a very long time, because each of us is his definition.