Sirtaki and other Greek dances

Aristotle and Plato assured: all Greek dances have ancient roots.In every corner of Greece, there is a welcoming dance style, and all of them - more than four thousand!

The most important are considered to be Greek dancing, which originated in the islands (nisёtika).Each of these has not only its own movements.There lies the whole history and deep meaning.The same can be said about the most famous dance Greek - Sirtaki, which became a symbol of the country.

Dance This really was born in Greece, it was created specifically for the films "Zorba the greek" («Zorba the Greek") in the 60s.His choreography contains a certain mix of folk dance called "hasaposerviko" and "sirtos."It turns out that, although this was the Sirtaki and Greek characters, but in fact it is - not a purely national Greek dance.

It was after the movie about dance Sirtaki recognized throughout the world.The composer, who wrote music for films, won an Oscar, and the author of the Sirtaki was awarded the Order of Lenin.In New York, t

here was a dozen clubs where only the Greek music playing, and their visitors were not only Greeks.These were the days of "The Beatles" and Elvis Presley, but they listened to mainly young people.But Greek dances were like older people.It's amazing: at the first sound Sirtaki they revive and like a rejuvenation, rising from their seats to the incendiary dance.

Underlying Sirtaki is a mixture of rhythms - both fast and slow.Dancing are in line (at least - in a circle).Thus arms each lie on the shoulders of the neighbors.The dance begins slowly, slowly and gradually, gradually accelerating.Movements become more sharp, fast, become the jumping.In this music lies very life, energy and youth.

Interestingly, Peru dance tune can cause a variety of emotions (depending on the listener's political beliefs).After all, it is associated with the meeting of the founders of the famous movement "Shining Path", which has an extremely radical left orientation.The video from the meeting Abimael Guzman, the leader of the organization, selflessly Sirtaki dancing in national dress in the style of Mao Zedong.

Think Sirtaki is obsolete?It turns out that this Greek folk dance dance so far.For example, in November 2011 in France, La Defence area filled with locals and tourists.Together they gathered to perform in support of the Greek Sirtaki.Someone turned out, someone - not really, but the main thing - it was sincere and from the heart!

course Sirtaki - not only dance in Greece.Since ancient times reached us original Greek dancing with a very original name: katsipadyanos, angalyastos, anoyanos pidihtos, apanomeritis, mikraki, rumatyani Soest and many others.Each of them has its unique style and its own characteristics: one characterized by improvisation and sharp change of pace, another - springiness and grace, the third - the slow pace of a heavy tread.At the same time dancers can even sing and play the guitar.

Truly dance lies the real soul of Greece!