Biography Dmitry Gubernieva - favorite commentator

all sports fans in our country, as well as admirers of the TV channel "Russia-2", a well-known name of the magnificent sports commentator, interesting host numerous ceremonies and show - Dmytro Gubernieva.For us, his voice was so familiar and recognizable, that watching sporting events without his sharp comments does not bring pleasure.

Biography Dmitry Gubernieva: childhood

Birthplace of the famous commentator of 6 October 1974.Dima grew up sickly and weak child.In order to somehow enhance their health, the parents gave her son to various sports clubs.But classes do not bring pleasure to the boy.He was not captured or skiing or football or hockey.One day, quite by accident, his mother met with coach rowing Lyudmila.After meeting with the family, it was decided to send their children in her section.The coach promised that more will not hurt Dima.And she did not disappoint.

Biography Dmitry Gubernieva: youth

Sport rowing fully captured Dmitry.He began to train a lot and actively, so physically s

tronger and more mature.Diseases in the past.He managed to achieve good results in favorite business - he became a master of sports.After graduation, he entered the Academy Dmitry Physical Education, where he graduated with honors.But unfortunately, while still a freshman, he suffered a serious injury, after which the classes in any sport has become impossible.

Biography Dmitry Gubernieva: career start

After the accident the young man fell into a deep depression.After all, he believed that life had stopped, and he could not imagine my life without sport.However, as a person and a strong-willed, she was able to cope with this condition.He forced himself to go on training courses and got right to work on television and radio.From this point there is a new man - a commentator Dmitry province.His biography is closely linked with the sport.Initially, he worked with the TVC channel, and now his career is developing successfully on TV channels "Russia" and "Russia 2".In addition, he leads the popular show "Star ice" and "The Russian national team."

Gubernieva Dmitry Biography: Personal life

Dmitry likes to listen to heavy metal music and playing chess.His daily routine painted by the minute.It includes lessons in football, swimming, Nordic Walking and tempering.Among viewers have neg a lot of fans, and today it is considered the most popular Russian commentators.Dmitry province, biography, personal life which are the subject of constant interest admirers of his talent, not his life hiding behind a high fence.

Dmitri was married to Olga Boguslawska - master of sports, the correspondent of the popular TV channel.In marriage, they had a son Michael, who is now 12 years old.Unfortunately, the couple broke up, and now Dmitri three years meets his high school love, which for many years have not seen - Elena Putintseva.