Climbing sites for insurance, binding ropes, fixing railings and other purposes

Climbing sites have different purposes: to bind ropes (including different thicknesses) for fixing climbing harnesses, for stationary fixing ropes as a device for ascent / descent in the absence of other means, and so on. D.


serves mainly to secure the binding.The end of the rope is passed through the loop piping (upper and lower), then fit the knot.It can also be used to create a makeshift binding of the ends of the rope in an emergency situation: the free end is wrapped around the chest and tied a bowline (in a similar way are water tourists, when an urgent need to pull the man out of the river).To fix binding in some cases may be used other climbing sites, such as direct from the control knots.Bulin is also used to mount fixed rope looped around a stone or wood without the use of the rifle.


is more reliable analogue node conductor.The same conductor, but with an additional turnover.With eight carbine climber and is fastened to the safety rope;stationary handrail attached to th

e hook or carabiner through eight ice screws.

to binding ropes of equal thickness (for example, when there is a need to build up the rope) climbing units are used direct and Grapevine.Last reliability (reef knot is required to fix the control knots), but has the disadvantage that when tightened, it is virtually impossible to untie.In some cases, you can build up a rope connecting two conductors carbine.

Prusik (grasping unit)

designed for lifting / lowering of fixed rails.The classic way.Currently used for this purpose other climbing equipment: Lifting - Jumar, for the descent - eight petals, and others. It is more convenient than the node.Prusik is also used as a preservative stretched rope when working with the pulley block (the system by which the artist pulls the victim of cracks, pulls a tough crossing of the river, and so on. D.).

«rabbit ears»

Used for insurance requiring high reliability.For example, to climb out from the cracks of the incapacitated party with an accompanying.

There are climbing sites to bind ropes having a different thickness, the main rope and Repshnur: counter, bramshkotovy.In real life, they are used infrequently.


used, for example, when climbing a fixed rope.Loop with stirrup leg is attached to the Jumar, second Jumar tacked to the chest harness.Jumar with a loop of rope extends upward climber rises on the stirrup and moves Jumar chest to the foot.The stirrups are used to lift the victim, if he is able to move itself, and, in some cases.

All these components - climbing, but some of them had been invented earlier, when they were considered to sea.And now not only used in mountaineering and rope access, but also in other types of extreme activities: water and caving, rescue operations and any situation where you want to use the safety rope.