The best gainer: Review experts in sports nutrition

broad shoulders, raised his biceps, pecs relief, powerful thighs ... How to achieve the effect, if even for a few months training weight remains at the same level, and I want to achieve the dream - to increase the amount of muscle yet to order?Then one way - take gainer.Reviews on this product is available on all forums about sports nutrition.But sometimes the most contradictory opinions.

What is the gainer?

name derived from the English "gain" - to gain weight.The essence of this popular sports nutrition products can be defined as "clean energy" because it is a blend of natural nutrients, the most isolated and purified from the ballast of food, such as for example fibers.Carbohydrates, proteins and fats are mixed in the weight gainer in certain proportions to give the body a quick recharge, and saturate the muscle as much as possible.

How does gainer

If you take Creatine before training for a set of muscle mass, the muscle inside the formation of free amino acids, which are essential for th

e metabolism during muscular contractions.In other words, the arrival of energy is such that allows the muscles to waste energy without consuming the already accumulated material.

After strenuous exercise quickly replenished stocks lost calories, if you just drink a gainer: a review of athletes confirms that muscles grow when the body is fully restored.Immediately after training gainer muscle acts as a regenerator, quickly replenishing spent energy.

But can you drink gainer for the day, for example, along with the usual regime's meals?Experts in sports nutrition meet the regime depends on the purpose athlete.If muscle mass is growing bad and you need to add calories, it is the case when you need to regularly take gainer.Reviewed by those who make it through the day, it is unequivocal - the gamer has helped them overcome the barrier of stagnation, when muscle growth stopped.What is the cause of this effect?The composition of the product.

What is gainer

perfect balance of substances in the gainer when carbohydrates proteins in more than 2 times, and fat - 2 times smaller than proteins.But the market offers options: there are brands where carbohydrates more or less this ratio, or contain carbohydrates with low and high glycemic index.

proteins composed gainers also differ: there are proteins with high biological level (indicator BV104-159) - they are quickly absorbed and has a lower (BV 100 and below) - a protein the body will process more slowly.

How to choose the right gainer

therefore choose the product to be very responsible, setting a specific target.If the weight of "slow" carbohydrates preferably overnight, but if you need to burn fat, then carbohydrates are preferred gainer with low glycemic index.

How to choose the best gainer?Reviewed by specialists in sports nutrition is to ensure that it is better to choose a product with high quality protein and a perfect balance of major components - 25-30% protein, 15-30% fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, different trace elements, necessary for full metabolism.Therefore, considering the package gainer, it is important to carefully examine not only the composition but also the balance of nutrients.