Arm wrestling: training hand.

To seriously start to the sport, to begin to raise the level of general physical preparedness, performing basic exercises (bench press, squat, becoming).This will greatly help the body to take the desired shape and condition.Only after vyshepostavlennoy task can proceed to the special exercises, with which is rich in arm wrestling.The program of the training process is based mainly on the elaboration of the wrists, forearms and biceps, because in this sport they perform the basic function of the explosive.

Study biceps

Many people go to the gym, they know some exercises for biceps, but not all manage to make the program so as to effectively pump this muscle group.This is primarily due to the specifics of the biceps, which quickly recovers after exercise.Therefore, it is important to perform all the exercises maximum intensity with minimum time to rest.The training program for the arm wrestling should include the following exercises:

  1. lifting barbell biceps standing.One of the most important
    exercises for maximum muscle groups hands.Number approaches should not be less than four (4-5).
  2. lifting dumbbell biceps sitting.It is important to observe the proper technique execution - the more smoothly and slowly to do the exercises, the better and faster the download.Alternatively, this approach is called concentrated.
  3. lifting barbell biceps sitting on the bench by Scott.This exercise is good because when you execute it is impossible to help himself to lift the weight using your legs or back.All hope is on the hands.This, incidentally, one of the principles upon which the entire arm wrestling.Biceps workout should include 3-4 exercises for 4-5 sets.

exercises forearm and wrist

By the way, arm wrestling invented many new exercises, through which it became possible to effectively work through this muscle group.Therefore, there is plenty to choose from and build your own program.Ups and jerks on the forearm - basic exercises, representing the arm wrestling.Training this muscle group should look something like this:

  1. Raising the bar sitting on the forearm.The most important thing in this exercise, and throughout the arm wrestling - a technique execution.Forearms should lie entirely on the feet and wrists slightly drooping from his knees.Palms facing upward, the rod begins its movement from top to bottom, as long as it will not hold your hand is not compressed and at their fingertips.Then you need to return it to its original position, which is also will take a lot of energy and effort.
  2. of lifts in the reverse grip arm or behind your back.Similarly, the first exercise, but here the palms are already looking at the floor.

wrists can also work out using dumbbells, equipped with small weights.The whole point of the exercise is to slowly and smoothly carry out twisting in the hand.But here we must be careful not to overdo it.Forearm and wrist - one of the major muscle groups, which are arm wrestling.Training should be structured in such a way as to effectively work out all parts of the hands, eliminating the weak points through their pumping.Therefore, training in more accentuated arms, but this does not mean that other muscle groups are excluded from the program.Arm wrestling - exercise at home - is it possible?Of course!With a fleet of at least one dumbbell (can be a weight) and one elastic bandage, you can think of a bunch of exercises to work through the forearms and wrists.