As skateboarding: first steps for beginners

If you have no idea how to skateboard, but want to learn it, you have to know a lot of the subtleties of the case, starting with the proper selection of the board.It should be noted that this sport can learn virtually everyone, regardless of age.

So, first he must find the right skateboard.Pay attention to the dimensions (for the first lesson is narrow, select the product).Also check whether there are side bends on the deck (board), through which you can make a stop and turns and tricks.On product quality must be present under the plastic layer, through which you can safely glide over the railing.However, such a detail is needed more than an experienced athlete.Before you ride a skateboard on the surface of sandpaper stick on self-adhesive base.Due to this, even the most slippery soles will not move down from the board.

Of course, you should pay attention to the wheels (if the diameter is small, the maneuverability of the machine is higher).Another look at the material of manufacture of these eleme

nts.Stiffer wheels give a high speed, but their depreciation is not as good as we would like.

So, if you do not know how to ride a skateboard, wear a helmet, knee and elbow pads, place the board on a flat surface (preferably paved) and just try to stand on it.You need to learn to balance, so as not to fall while running.At this point, try to stand on one and two feet, rearrange them interchangeably.Choose your most comfortable position.

Note the supporting leg, which should be the first.If everything goes well, then you can slowly start moving along the same trajectory and stop work.Naturally, you will fall, but without this.So how to skateboard is necessary to study hard, you'll need a little time.Each athlete first stage occurs differently.

to slow down and stop supporting leg should be moved to the end of the board and put pressure on him.This movement is a kind of brake, followed by skate would not go so fast.Next leg, standing behind, you need to remove and stop.You can slow down the other way.To do this, you need the support leg much pressure on the rear edge of the board to the front was in the air.It should be manageable.If you feel that you'll fall immediately jump off the board.

Before skateboarding more professional, you need to master the turns.To this end, the supporting leg should be pushed to the edge of the board to the front of the raised angle.Thereafter, the housing should be rotated in the desired direction.Of course, this trick to try to make first place.Do not forget to change the position.Also, be aware that it is necessary to train turns in both directions.

Once the basic movements will turn out well enough, you can begin to explore other tricks.That's all the highlights.We hope that this small workshop called "Skateboard for beginners how to ride?" Will help you master this difficult science.