How is the hunting of wild boar on oats

Almost every person has their own interests and hobbies.In men, the most common interests such as fishing and hunting.Especially popular in recent years enjoyed hunting boar.It's not just entertainment, but a kind of sport that gives a person a surge of adrenaline and thus develops agility, reaction speed, accuracy, attention, care and other positive qualities.

With this kind of a hobby, you can learn a lot of interesting and useful, as before, and did not think.For example, wild boar is considered omnivorous beast.However, those who are engaged in catching him, know that a favorite delicacy of this animal are oats, corn and peas.It is thanks to the knowledge of the little weaknesses inherent in the quadrupeds, wild boar hunting is conducted on oats.

Fields with cereals often located opposite the forests, t. E. Across from them.There can be seen the traces.If a lot of them, then goes to feed the flock on the field regularly.Accordingly, it is the good place, where it can be organized hunting wild b

oar on oats.Very well, if there is any swamp, where animals can arrange a maturation.In this case, the chances increase significantly to shoot the animal.Moreover, wild boar hunting in the fall as real as in the summer.After all, if there is still unharvested fields, animals will definitely come back to eat.


select the field for hunting, it should carefully explore and develop a rough plan of action.Do it better in the morning.At the same time go on the field itself is not necessary, because thethere will your human scent that will scare away wild boar.In the morning should outline the indicative route, and in the evening, if necessary, make adjustments to it, depending on the wind direction.Hunting for wild boar on oats requires that a man was able to pick up, not to find himself.For this approach it is only necessary to leeward.Otherwise, the wind will carry the smell to the boar hunter, causing them to flee.

Most often wild boars out on the field at night, but sometimes they can not give in to temptation and do it in the afternoon.Sometimes they are so addicted that, having lost any vigilance begins to make noise and not hear the approaching hunter.If it is at the same time without any sudden movements sneaks into the wind, he could go the distance necessary for a shot.In this case, the hunting of wild boar on oats are likely to succeed.

extra caution is never

Hunting is not only interesting, but also quite dangerous form of entertainment, so vigilance and caution.If you have a beast began to shake hands, and when you are not sure about the reliability of your guns, bullets or accuracy of the shot, do not try to kill big game, which is very close.Allow it to move away 30 meters and then shoot.When this distance is usually the largest cleaver even if he is injured, it does not turn on the hunter, and continues to run.If you tried to kill a large animal at a distance of 5-7 meters, but instead only "scratched" him to the side, looking for a tall tree, which will save you from his wrath.Most likely, the animal will throw at you.That is why you should always calmly and soberly assess the situation and make informed decisions about the shot.Do not forget that in addition to the minimum safety should be followed and some other rules.The most important among them - is that you can only catch the beast, when it announced the opening of hunting for wild boar.