Shooting at ducks: appliances, pre-emption, ammunition, a situation

What does it take to successfully hunt waterfowl?Keep your excitement in check, not allowing it to interfere with deliberate and accurate shooting.Correctly pick up ammo to charge shot hit the bird with a guarantee.Have businesslike dog that could, if anything, to find in the marsh and thickets of a wounded animal, and battered duck;otherwise - and bird life for nothing ruined and spoiled the mood itself.

speech about the dog will not continue, but the cartridges talk.Shooting at ducks cartridge with high quality plastic wad provide the necessary sharpness in a case of battle.Area fire covered Drobin widely and evenly.If the cartridges are used with increasing charge, it is desirable to increase the diameter of the shot or the scree special ways pyzhami equipment;it is important for shooting at close range, especially in the evening.Practice, however, shows that excellent results not only provide standard 12 caliber bullets, and "Sporting".But when shooting a smooth entry of the wide scree heap prefer

to fight, even the arrow with a fair experience.

shooting ducks does not require any special gun system, and each hunter selects it to your liking.The main thing is not in the system.It would be the gun is well balanced, but the mechanism has worked well, but the bed was coming to getter complexion game.

The moment when the duck is confident in the hemisphere lesions shooting in flight can be very fleeting.Therefore, the hunter has to turn his head much like the radar defenses.The main thing - time to hear whistling through the air, duck wings, flown to game came as no surprise.Tech shooting ducks requires possession of a clear skill vskidku gun.If it is not, will have to invest in the shoulder butt advance.This should be done carefully, and it is best for the cover, so as not to startle the bird careless movement.In the hut, and at dusk it is possible not to worry.

shooting ducks in flight made sure the leash.She, like any other movement of the gun, only by turning the housing.When you place the trigger can not be to slow down the movement of guns, much less stop it.On pressing the trigger only the front phalanx of the index finger, her movement even and smooth, without jerks.The phalanges of two fingers on the trigger can not be put.

Another pledge precise shot - anticipation when shooting at the ducks, which depends on the situation.Of course, it is impossible to anticipate all of their experience and skill will come only with time.But if the head hunter turns at 360 degrees, the majority of the target amount colliding (counter-ducks), extending from his left or right.The distance between it and game continuously reduced, due to which the leash runs gun acceleration.What is more, the smaller the value of pre-emption, cutting at a distance of 25-30 meters to almost a meter.Preemption mentally calculated the silhouette game and an imaginary line connecting the eye and purpose through the middle of the sight leaf and front sight.

There are situations where there are doubts in the success of the defeat of the incident duck;then it is better to skip it and try to beat the hijacking.If you miss the first shot ended in the second need, continuing a leash to try to amend;if there was a hit, you can try to shoot the duck, flying behind him, slightly increasing anticipation.

shooting ducks requires skill that can ahead of time to work at home or in the absence of summer ducks arrange a mini-training on the spot of hunting.At the same time it is possible and some exercise.