Catamaran alloy - two inflatable body connected frame

Catamaran for alloy is unique in its kind vessel used for a very popular boating today.It was created in the seventies of the last century by the idea of ​​Muscovite S. Papusha.And after ten years, a catamaran for rafting on the river was the most massive flotation device with a very wide range of applications.It is used for family walks in the quiet rivers, and to record the passage of turbulent flows.

Catamaran for alloys consisting of two gondolas vozduhosoderzhaschih dvuhobolochnyh or inflatable buildings, connected by a frame.For their production, various types of tissues.Sometimes created and shared catamarans, which can fit up to eight people.Typically, they are used for the passage of rapids rushing rivers.

gondolas that make up a catamaran for rafting, made usually of PVC to withstand high pressure.Because of this, they are inflated to the point that you can use without longitudinal stingers, lying parallel to the cylinder.

The design uses only transverse stingers and catamarans collect

ed by only fifteen minutes.Gondola PVC, unlike rubberized material subject to destruction and decay is much smaller, so they do not need special care.

rowers are on the special seats - pyramids, arranged symmetrically on both sides.In contrast to this craft, like a raft, a catamaran for the alloy has its own speed, which determines the technique to overcome the obstacles on it.The most versatile is its four-variety, which is more convenient to be fairly complicated routes, to overcome a hindrance.

At these catamarans is very convenient to carry out insurance.In addition, they are comfortable to just relax on the river.However, most of catamarans for the alloy, a photo of which is well known to all, are used in competitive sport such as water slalom, proved itself as a safe, fast and maneuverable craft.

advantages of this boat, you can call the ease and speed in the assembly, ease of transportation, heavy-duty reserve buoyancy, and quite stable behavior on the water.Seamless team of this vessel by means of rhythmic and powerful strokes can deploy at full speed catamaran loaded, and then another and disperse it.

Catamaran for rafting on rough water behaves better than a raft, whose use for commercial purposes is practical and rational only simple routes because of its big drag.In addition, the last unsuccessful landing for the rowers.

Today in the industry produced a large enough range of catamarans, which are intended for recreational sports and rafting with different categories of complexity.

frame is made of tubes made of duralumin material and having a special coating on the external environment.Semi-rigid structures catamaran - nodes Stingers - is attached to the bolt pockets.