Autumn hunting for ducks - when the chicks have matured

Autumn duck hunting is the most common option for those who are holding a rifle not so long ago.This bird lives mainly in freshwater, especially stagnant and overgrown with reeds or grass.The chicks she hatched in the spring.That is why it is officially authorized autumn hunting for ducks.2013 was quite hot, so a legitimate shooting began in late August and lasted until the end of November.At this time, juveniles have grown stronger.

Duck - very carefully and quickly flying bird that dives and well.In the daytime, she was hiding, and at night comes up to more open space, flying to feed on grain fields.

Autumn duck hunting begins at dawn.After molting drakes wear wedding attire, and young forests are on the wing.At this time, the ducks make daily flights from dnevki places to feed and back.Dnyuyut they are difficult waters, in the thickets of reeds and cattails.On the evening sunset and can fly for long ponds or fields where more food.Early in the morning they are returned, keeping always the same rou

te.Therefore, even experienced hunters can easily predict their occurrence and the time to take a position.Waiting for birds better in the reservoir where they are during the day, as well as in places of feeding and flights.

opening of the autumn hunting for a duck to start with reconnaissance.Determination of routes flown birds and an excellent location make the ambush shooting of a maximum dobychlivym.If possible, it is very helpful to arrange skradok having an open top, for firing in all directions.

In the reed or reed beds do not need a shelter.

Generally, autumn hunting ducks from skradok more difficult because they have to be arranged in advance, and there is no guarantee that the duck may appear.Sometimes a person sits in a shelter the whole day.

Therefore, most autumn duck hunting is carried out with the dog.This method is practiced as a rule, with such rock cops as kurtshaar or drathaar, as well as with a spaniel or husky.

Since ducks usually do not allow the dog to stand, work sniffer is to put them on the wing.Hunter while moving slowly along the shore overgrown pond.His assistant quadrupedal combing reed or reeds on the adjacent shallow water.After dobychlivogo shot it brings the trophy to the host.

Autumn hunting for ducks, conducted with the dog, has an advantage: four-legged friend is able to engage the wounded animal.And then it is possible to do without a fire: production will be in any case.

Another type of fishing - from the approach.It may take place without a dog, but two or three.One of the assistants of the lining vypugivaet ducks and arrows leisurely strolls along the beach near the reed beds.Shot occurs on the rise and is almost always effective.

This autumn duck hunting is not only interesting, but also dobychliva and less tiring, as often happens on shallow Reach or areas with low vegetation.And it makes it easier for the hunter movement and shooting, as well as search for prey.