The most interesting thing the hunt for grouse in the autumn

Grouse, as a bird-steppes, cultivated fields and mixed forests, particularly common in the wild slash areas in taiga zones and in the birch forests.The population of this bird in the territory of Russia is large enough.Large grouse weigh an average of one to one and a half kilograms.Males are larger than females, and it is very bright: red eyebrows and liroobraznym tail, issuing them in the thick foliage.

special interest has always been hunting grouse in the autumn, when the chicks grow up already.Shoot for the adults is much more complicated.However, it is much more exciting and sporty.In early October, these birds gather in flocks and cease to hold the rack.

Hunting grouse autumn most exciting or stuffed with profiles, which are sold in sports shops.They totally look like a bird, quietly sitting in his usual position.

Experienced hunters before they go on shooting at evening sunset closely watching flocks of grouse.Usually overnight Kosaca choose always the same group of trees, most of all -

old pines and birches.

this in mind the place before dark hunters put on this place a cone-shaped tent.When the hunt group put their number (depending on the number of trunks).The distance between the huts should be no more than three hundred meters.Then, somewhere nearby - in one of the nearby trees to long poles, podchuchelnikah - set profiles.They put so that they were directed to breast the wind.

Hunting grouse autumn not only requires some skill, but also knowledge.You have to be very careful that when you install the latest scarecrows are not bent and are arranged at different heights - as the birds sit.Tetereva easily detect fake and fly past.

Hunting for grouse autumn passes out of the hut in the early morning or in the evening dawn.The second hunter who knows all the neighborhoods may flushing grouse, catching them in the direction of the arrow.You need to aim for the lowest individual: in this case it is possible to obtain more than one production.

Many believe that is particularly interesting in the fall for grouse hunting dog.The fact that the young birds, hiding, well-kept stand cops and zamaterevshie birds fly out of the shot.

Hunting for grouse autumn dobychliva more because after the disappearance of these birds berries in large quantities starting to fly to the grain fields, where after harvesting haystacks and sheaves of feed residues.Birds need to look for the dew, as its sparkling whitish background of bright green furrows left teterevyatami particularly well marked.You can not just shoot in the morning, and at sunset, but it is better to choose a cloudy day.

Hunting grouse in the autumn involves the use of weapons that have sharp and heap fight.Shoot need very clean, so you do not deal with transoms wounded game.As a rule, hunters stocking shotshell and dry starch.Weapons chosen their own taste: some like semi-automatic, someone - a shotgun.His choice also depends on the type of hunting.For example, out of the hut is more convenient to shoot a shotgun.