The death of the expedition Dyatlov - secret, not disclosed until now

Fifty years have passed since the death of the expedition Dyatlov.This is a tragedy, the reasons for which today make many think.This mysterious event was filmed a documentary, trying to unravel his wizards and magicians of the program "Battle of psychics," but the exact explanation of what happened, so do not know.

In late January 1959 ten young people in the so-called expedition Dyatlov (student of RLE) went to hike in the mountains.They had to overcome the skiing more than three hundred and fifty kilometers.The aim of the expedition was the conquest of the mountain Dyatlova Otyrten height of 1182 meters.It was assumed that in February the fourteenth group will return to the village of Vijay, send a telegram from his family.

However, none of them did not return back.Time passed, but the guys households did not send any news.Start prospecting work.

Only twenty-sixth of February rescuers on the hillside Kholat Syakhl was found empty cut the tent from which down in the woods, were traces of bare fe


a mile from the camp were found the bodies of five members of the expedition frozen Dyatlov, and the rest of the bodies were found only in the beginning of May under the command of the snow to melt.

Almost all tourists were barefoot and scantily clad.Some had fatal injuries: a broken head and broken ribs, some died from the cold.And one of the girls from the expedition Dyatlov - Luda Dubinina - did not have the language and eyes.

Nobody was able to explain the reasons for any such injury or the most important thing: why tourists ran half-naked out of the tent into the cold and found there his death?

None of the tent or near investigators arrived on the scene could not find anything that would somehow shed light on the tragedy.Nowhere were no signs of struggle, no blood stains.All valuables and money were in the tent.There was a half-eaten dinner and children.Most secret expedition Dyatlov - rip inside the tent.It turned out that during the dinner inside suddenly something terrible happened that made the guys cut the tent and run outside.

hike, as it is written in the diaries of the guys started fun and easy.They laughed a lot, sang songs, despite the comments of the police: they had the paper, which proved stronger armor.It has been written that this campaign is timed to the opening of the twenty-first Congress of the CPSU.

Young people from the expedition Dyatlova were desperate and experienced athletes who were making more than once rises to the mountains, even more challenging to conquer.And they are out of the tent had to chase really terrible and incomprehensible force to which they experienced such horror that he did not have time to get dressed.

to Soviet media deaths Dyatlova expedition was a taboo subject, but the information is passed from mouth to mouth, gathering the most incredible and scary predictions.Some believed that the guys have seen the secret weapons tests and in their death blame the military.Some said that their special forces had killed or escaped convicts.Others were convinced that the matter of the regional party committee poachers and hunters simple.There were also those who are suspected in the death group Djatlova American spies and UFOs constantly appearing over the Urals.

Nevertheless, for half a century has passed, but the mystery is still not disclosed.