As wound bandages Boxing: step by step instructions with pictures

Beginners boxers often concerned about: how to wind boxing bandages?It's a simple thing, but it requires patience and care from you.There are many ways of how to wind boxing bandages, and only a few of them are really easy to use.Each boxer choose the method that suits him more than the others.The article tells how to reel boxing bandages most popular way.By the way, this method is used, and professional boxers.Our article with pictures, and thanks to them you will be even easier to understand how to wind boxing bandages.We begin with a visit to a sports shop.Select enough bandages length of 3-5 meters (depending on the size of the palm).The cost of this product is around 100-300 rubles.There are of course more expensive, from the well-known brands, but they are still newcomers to anything.

How reeling boxing bandages: User

Stage 1st

To start, take the bandage and put the "hook" for fixing on the thumb.Start to wind the bandage from the top of the palm.In no case do not start to shake from t

he inside, because in this case is simply a bandage may be difficult to fix the wrist, and it will threaten injury.To understand, look at the picture.

Stage 2nd

Make several coils (two, three or four) around the wrist.At the same time, make sure that the bandage snugly and recorded his hand, but did not pinch it at that.Also see that there are no folds of fabric.

Stage 3rd

now, lifting up the bandage, take two skeins in the palm of your hand over the top of the finger (see picture).Finishing second turnover, scroll down and wrap the wrist again for better fixation.

Stage 4th

now start to consolidate between the toes.Once you have rewound the bandage over the wrist (the end of the third stage), put it between his little finger and ring finger, making a turn through the inner side of the palm.Again, fix it on the wrist.In the same way, rewind the remaining three fingers.Make sure that the fabric does not create folds, or in intensive training may damage the skin between the toes.

Stage 5th

after 4th stage make a few (three, four or five) coils around the knuckles for their better protection from injury.

Stage 6th

after, the same method fix the whole hand.Make a few turns around the wrist bones.Continue until such time as the bandage is over.Move your hand, bend and straighten your fingers.Listen: whether it is convenient to you, you do not interfere?

Step 7: how to tie a bandage boxing

Once you've wrapped the whole fabric on hand, you can see the Velcro.Now just fix it the end of the bandage, glued to the fabric.Such a fastener should be on each bandage.

As wind boxing bandages 35?

Just like any other length.Just remember that for a large palm of this size may not be enough.The adult male is best to buy boxing bandage length of 4-5 meters.Women fit and less long.Now you know how to wind boxing bandages correctly.