Biography Fedor Emelianenko - the story of an athlete deserves respect

Biography Fedor Emelianenko has its origins in a small town Rubizhne Luhansk region, which is Ukraine.Fedor has a sister and two brothers, who also act MMA and are among the best heavyweights in the world.Since 1978, the family lived in the town of Stary Oskol.

Ironically, in a small school Fedor was a good student, and a 10-year peace studies combined with studies in Sambo and Judo.Curiously, the younger brother of Theodore Alexander, went to school with him, because to leave the boy at home was not with anyone.As you know, today, Alexander - a professional in the heavyweight division.

biography Fedor contains interesting fact - he is an electrician by training (vocational school diploma in 1994, №22).Later, in 2009, when he was already an acknowledged master of martial arts, Fedor graduated from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports Belgorod State University.At the moment, there was a research student.

In 1997 biography Fedor replenished fact serve in the Russian army (army fire, and late

r - Panzer Division near Nizhny Novgorod).While he continued to train and think deeply about the question of faith.2 years later, Fyodor married a childhood friend, Oksana.They have a daughter, but in 2006 the couple divorced.By his second wife, Marina, Emelianenko has two children - daughter Vasilisa and Elizabeth.The wedding took place in 2009.

As already mentioned, the section Sambo and Judo became the starting point from which to start a career athlete Fedor.Biography contains information about what life brought him to the trainer Vladimir Voronov DYUSSHOR that, through hard work over the years, has managed to make of Fedor internationally recognized masters of martial arts.

just 12 years (2000 - 2012) spent on a professional ring, Biography Fedor Emelianenko has 40 fights, 35 of which ended with his unconditional victory.He was among those whose fights collected the largest number of spectators in the rating of the projects as "Ringz" and "Pride."Every year, Fedor overcame the resistance of the best European and Japanese fighters, the meeting with the main opponent - Croatian Mirko Filipovic - constantly postponed for various reasons.In the end, the men met in the ring.In the long and exciting match won by the Russian sportsman, and all the entertainment action underscores the fact that he received congratulations from his left eye completely swollen and slightly staggering - more strength left.

Emelianenko, Sr. is hardly a public personality.He's incredibly humble, he tries to spend as much time with my family, read a lot, loves music and visiting service in St. Nicholas Church in Stary Oskol.During his career, Theodore got more than one title, in front of him were defeated recognized masters of the best from around the globe.But this is not important in the life of an athlete named Fedor.Biography, family and close friends is a man say that peace and harmony in the home, as well as honor and dignity - are the main priorities in his life.The latter makes it an idol of millions of teenagers around the world.