Anatoly Tarasov: biography and interesting facts about the idol

Each person has his own idol, a person that wants to emulate.Being interested in the life and work of his "pet", we get a little closer to him, and views on certain things begin to coincide.So many fans have Anatoly Tarasov, whose biography is very interesting and colorful.This man was born in the mid-twentieth century.Even then he was full of ideas and desires.About three years the young man served in the Reconnaissance and Sabotage Battalion Panzer Army.Over the next seven years, Anatoly visited different parts of the world, took part in complex operations (some sources say the number was already eleven), has received numerous awards and established himself as a person.

Many people are interested in the question: "Anatoly Tarasov: biography" - and, in fact, there is something to think about.When the man turned 36 years old, he received a diploma in one of the prestigious universities in Minsk.His specialty was the philosophy.Five years later, Anatoly E. graduated from the Academy of Pedagogical Scie

nces in Moscow.A little later, the man managed to defend his thesis, which was devoted to crime, but Taras studied only the behavior of adolescents and youth.For several years he worked at the institute, engaged in studying psychology and distinctive features of offenders.

Anatoly E. Taras fond of melee combat and attended courses in self-defense.In addition, he taught at the Institute, is engaged in publishing and worked part time editor, a man devoted much time to sport and exercise.As a result, he received a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu and Viet-vo-dao.At the beginning of his passion Taras Anatoly Yefimovich was trained by the best instructors of special units of military intelligence for fighting.He became a master Nguyen Giang - Vietnam People's Army captain "Duck Kong."After a while the man himself became a coach, a mentor to young people and teaching them self-defense techniques.He began to conduct seminars, and in 1992 issued his own martial arts magazine called "Kempo".This creation has become extremely popular in the CIS countries.

every middle-aged man knows who Anatoly Tarasov.His extensive biography and colorful, full of different events.Once a man engaged in the publication of his journal, he began to try to write a book, and he is good at it.The main issue has become the traditional methods of struggle and self-defense.I'm sure many have heard of the developed system of Anatolia called "fighting vehicle."Today, it is used in various cities of our planet.Video courses have also been developed for the above system.Everyone who wants to learn the techniques of martial arts, can try to apply this technique.I think you wanted to know who this Anatoly Tarasov.Biography of the person - a vivid example of the power of the spirit and energy of one person.Known worldwide advances have made the sport more attractive to the younger generation.