Alexey Ivanov - "the golden fund" of Russian literature?

That's right, no more, no less, the place indicated by Alexei Ivanov in the literary hierarchy «».Indeed, the author's talent is undeniable, the amplitude of genre rolls.Equally impressive as the realistic creations ("Center for supplementary Fornication", "Geographer Globe propyl") and historical fiction ("Gold rebellion" and "Heart of Parma").Perhaps the author's promotion of the general population prevent such a spread - the target audience almost crossed genres.
Alexey Ivanov - historical prose - "Gold of rebellion," "Heart of Parma".Ivanova
Historical prose can be called very conditional.Perhaps the author's motivation for writing texts - an obvious admiration for the geography and the nature of the beloved province.His creations, with a deficit of reliable sources, more imagination on a historical theme, but it is so strong that in many ways created a wave of interest in Perm, making it almost an alternative cultural capital of Russia.Leonid Yuzefovich to "Cranes and dwarfs" sarcastical

ly parodied Ivanova tendency to historical speculation, putting stories about fighting elk and other attractions in the mouth edge adventurer impostor using information vacuum credulity of the public and private narrative talent.I was surprised to learn that while Yuzefovich passionate admirer of "Heart of Parma".At the same time, the unprepared reader is not interested in such texts, the target audience for these creations available.For history buffs - too little certainty for fans of fantasy - too strange objects fantasies plus too complicated, half-invented by the author of "starosibirsky" language.
Alexey Ivanov - realistic prose - "Geography Globe propyl", "Center for supplementary Fornication".
potentially more attractive to a mass audience realistic direction.Alexey Ivanov - one of the few who are able to clearly describe the consumer side of modern life, without falling into the dill and patriotic hysteria.Unfortunately, it is in vain periodically Ivanov Sorcerer falls into sin because of what 'hostel on the Blood, "for example, in principle, impossible to read: dissolute hungover students express themselves so that with Kant, Hegel confused.The "Center for supplementary Fornication" - philosophical digressions with complicated acronyms can be cut out completely, meaning they do not carry the load, are not remembered, the general sense of the book is clear and without them.But as the obvious plus a bonus for lovers of lyrical digressions - the theme of native natural history in a realistic prose Ivanov presented in full, the action takes place against a background of moving scenery, events unfold in the course of rafting and forest walks with the adventure, all very colorful and at the samethe time is appropriate.
In general, the main claim of the author - why quit writing on a social topic?Yes, a professional ethnographer, director of the museum, a patriot of his native land, but who else entrust artistic interpretation of modern life, requiring the same reliability and impartiality?Zakhar Prilepin describes the extreme fringe of interest, and, moreover, the actual marginal, rather than those who took a role in the establishment of the power of the political hierarchy.Dmitry Bykov awkwardly tries to present current events as evidence of its dubious historical insights.Hopefully, after the accident and expected a successful film adaptation of "geography" with Khabensky starring demand realism from Ivanova increase and from the public and from the government so far been used (and successfully!) Talent of the author only the context of the historical justification mightythe power of the Russian land.