Life experiences and writing poetry

often happens when a young man or a young girl, while in captivity strong feelings, try writing poetry.Very rarely these attempts to get something interesting and contains a deep meaning, t. To. Raging hormones interfere with focus and find the right words to express the truth in acceptable to the author's perspective.Mighty verses must first "real" in the poet, and only then they can be "consumed".The most convenient way to examine the verses in the axiom certain subjects:

  • lyrical poetry.Usually, there are dedicated to loved ones, naturally, different memories and so forth. In order to fully understand the importance of human warmth, see the nuances of the beauty of nature to be experienced many hardships and privations.Spending time in youth entertainment, pure emotional impulses impossible to understand.

  • most popular in all ages enjoyed love poems.When they are composed in a fairly young age, then there is love can be confused with the passion of love or light, but in maturity this light feelin
    g is difficult to confuse with some other.

  • patriotic poems in general are unlikely to be written at a young age, because to feel the love for the motherland, to understand all its hardships and experience them for yourself needed for many years.Finally, it is necessary to go in the army, start a family, have children and spend a certain "procedures" integration into civil society, and after working in the genre of patriotic poetry.

  • philosophy in poetry can be presented only as an a priori form of creative writers, have passed a certain age limit.Philosophy - this is not the area of ‚Äč‚Äčenergetic young men and young beauties, but the area unworldly elders prone to observation and analysis.

not correct to say that therefore it is useless to use his talent in his early formation, many good poems were written during the initial period of creativity of their authors.However, this time should still make more use to hone professional skills and enhance their literary skills.In the future, this experience will have a positive effect on the success of the poet, the severity of his style and his ability to catch the inspiration, the ability to effectively deliver the selected message to the consciousness of the reader.