Andrei Rubanov - "psychedelic"

whose advice to trust when making decisions about reading new books and familiarity with the new author?I learn «», and if the text is discussed in "Kommersant" and "Vedomosti" - here it is necessary to read necessarily.Opinion authoritative publications, if they do not trust, then who else?Sometimes
blind reverence leads to serious disappointments.
repeatedly voiced «» enthusiasm for creativity Rubanova Andrew could not help but attract attention.I decided to read it.
Thus, the novel "psychedelia".Particularly interested in the statement that the author of "catch time some people, and this era ...".Surprisingly accurately described "features of speech etiquette of modern Muscovites," etc.Reliable description of modern times - a task that can not cope with the best masters of literature, and here such luck ...
But no luck I have not found.A set of characters moved like an artificial parallel reality Robski Oksana and Sergei Minaev.Buhgaltersha of lime office, while terribly talented

, professional, experiencing the excitement of the profession, comparable only with delight «» of texts Rubanova.This has incredibly good-looking, moving away from the break-up with someone?Of course the oil tycoon.Tired from his cocaine, drinking and beatings.Do you recognize?Here it is a replica of reality, it is with these people we stand in traffic jams and travel around the metro!
There is a desire to learn about girls of various ages from obnalnyh garbage dumps and other semi-criminal structures that we are all entities that do not belong to the oil and gas and banking sector, please contact us.And the author drew the attention of their life is probably in the works and publications Robski magazine "Lisa".These characters are in reality, unlike the glamorous image, they moan from the moronic work exhausted payments on loans used to fight the imaginary rivals such novels as "psychedelic."Robski Rubanov and wrote a bookkeeper and secretary have to carry an unequal battle, just like Ellochka-ogress with Vanderbildihoy.
described type criminal figure of unknown status and kind of illegal activity is no less puzzling.He alleged predator devours people with guts, while described with delight, like a vampire from "Twilight", which, incidentally, in the text there is a separate recognition.Thief as the master of life and role model disappeared fifteen years ago, his first oligarchs trampled on loans for shares, and then take a ride on the roller remains new elite from Lubyanka.Not a trace of such figures.Nutritionally-swallowing metaphors related to the outlook of the hero, and the predator to swallow and perceived the heroine as a fundamental principle of human relationships - it's probably the author's philosophy, so obsessively, literally in a string all this is served.All devouring each other, you either food or a predator, and also food for larger predators - such as not seriously argued.In any case, the images of the main characters are not convincing enough for the artistic evidence of such radical ideas.Maybe the strange title of the novel - "psychedelia" reflects precisely the pathology characters who reflect on these topics.
Special mention deserves the erotic scene in an attempt to harm the moment of orgasm.Direct plagiarism from "Basic Instinct," particularly inappropriate in describing sexual practices as the standard of the middle class, and crime bosses.Not about them lifted Hollywood erotic thriller themselves incredibly corny, silly and outdated.It is strange that the author was inspired by such dubious sources to create a realistic work.
Wishing «» - provide new benchmarks in the world of capitalist socialist realism.