Mikhail Elizarov

in interesting times we live in.The collapse of the "evil empire" (or good);changing socio-economic structure;wholesale privatization;'brother-oligarchs bloody gebnya as in a kaleidoscope of changing each other as masters of the country and a role model;dashing the nineties;fat tenths.Two decades passed, but what happened to the homeland and us still not realized either psychologists or sociologists or historians.
and literature mirror the era, can not articulate the essence of what happened.Trying to fix the state of mind, the collective unconscious clearly fails any of bison native literature.How to survive the demolition of plumbers, teachers, taxi drivers, accountants and other victims of turmoil, has not been described and understood.And really, how?We do not understand, looking for answers and found none.Instead of thinking about the public offer endless "Old songs about the main thing."
Realism as a literary technique and style, proved impervious to any of the "golden feathers."The authors seem

to studiously avoid work "is alien to us in the manner of describing life as it is."Literary monuments of the announced creation of Pelevin, Sorokin, whose fancy talk more about the pathologies of the authors than about their surrounding reality.Dmitry Bykov closest to life, but too fascinated by their own fake really very controversial views.At the other extreme - infinite bytopisanie difficult and dramatic life of the home life, the moral throwing their companions and joined them other ladies of the demimonde.Business divided, husband ordered, flew to London - where stories from the life of ordinary citizens?
Empathy is happening to ordinary people, I suddenly found in the works of Mikhail Yelizarov.At first glance, on the part of the author of psychopathy and removes Pelevin and Sorokin, but ... these colorful and at the same time accurate metaphors subconscious experiences inhabitants have not had to meet."Librarian" suddenly received a "Russian Booker", but the true dignity of the novel has not been clearly announced.Meanwhile, the text is obviously subject to in-depth sociological analysis.Mad rubilovo librarians, drivers, and other losers axes, pikes, pitchforks, sharpening and other improvised means for the right to receive comparable drug euphoria from reading written in standard patterns of socialist realism works with the best workers, milkmaids, partsekretaryami and other cardboard characters as protagonists- the most accurate reproduction of art painful longing for the lost Soviet paradise.Yes, it is turned inside out "Old songs", reveals the true reasons for his success.
reaction contenders chroniclers era not long in coming - that the award named Yuri Polyakov Elizarova absurd misunderstanding.His own works, the only signs of the times in which the author is a pathological hatred for Yeltsin and Gaidar, chief editor of "Literary" and host of the program on "Culture" considers undervalued.To me, there is nothing to evaluate artistic and historical value of his texts evidently does not meet the claims of the writer.Rise in number of Dontsova Ustinov right in front of the right of Bushkova, dear Yuri!
Perhaps Elizarov not mean deeper meaning in his work, but as a great writer, was the conductor of the collective unconscious, regardless of their own intentions.Perhaps he conceived the household trash thriller, but the value of this product is not reduced.
Following publication, "Cartoons," does not contain such a deep meaning, but here the author acted as a great stylist.So authentically describe the adventures of young lads from the area could not be anyone, not in movies or in literature.Works Germanika issued by the standard of the brutal school of realism, against this background, seem far-fetched and fresh.Criticism of the work is not noticed, perhaps the author is not joined to any influential literary groups.
Well, that is not determined by the quality of these products."Librarian", "Cartoons" - respected Elizarov, waiting for the continuation.The interest of the public and critical acclaim, I'm sure will grow upward