Are there any poets?

What does it mean for us poets?I'm sure that most immediately arise association with the Ukrainian Taras Shevchenko and Lesia Ukrainka Russian Pushkin and Blok.Of course, the work of these poets develops in us a love for art and everything beautiful.Probably each of us as a child dreamed of becoming a famous writer and wrote small poems, which fiercely praised the parents.But

dream dreams, and who actually carried out the dearest wish?Perhaps you have not thought about it, but in our world there are many contemporary poets, who were able to bring fantasy into reality.Having visited a lot of sites for the creators of the XXI century, I can say that each verse is truly unique.As it would be rude and insulting sounds, but some poems do not represent anything.Undoubtedly, they are written on topical issues, but rough, frankly cutting hearing words.Provide examples of similar works in the article do not want to, so as not to spoil our concept of poetry.

But all-back still want to perfect.At one of the

sites accidentally stumbled upon a modern poet Vera North.Read through dozens of her poems, and I must admit - I was impressed.Of course, immediately I decided to include one of her poems in his article:


not one, not two candles -
Many thousands of candles.
Seek joy in the night,
joy of meeting.

wax dripping down quietly,
Melts temper.
What is our life?-
Mig, one candle »

And say it is worse than the works of poets of the golden period in Russian literature?The poem is imbued with a deep sense, the poet was able to invest in these two verses, perhaps part of what we call life.We used to agree with the judgment of famous poets, collections of which are in our libraries, but how can you not support the idea that "Life is our moment, one candle?"Our time passes unnoticed, sometimes we can not keep up with the course of events, lose, commit any acts ... All eto- life, with all the white and black stripes.Perhaps the only real talent is truly able to put the whole meaning of life in a few lines ...

Many of us can be poets, because every living person, hungry to create.I can only say that future generations will know not only the classics of Ukrainian, Russian and foreign literature, but modern poets have been, are and will be with us ... Is this good?Yes.They see the world through the eyes of the artist, who lives inside each of the talented poet, and it is wonderful!