Clockwork Orange

fate of "A Clockwork Orange".

often do you see a triangle from which the rock Young man,
clutching a knife in his hand?Perhaps, on the cover of DVD-ROM, or on someone else's body?Or maybe four silhouette, walking around?I occasionally watch these tattoos ...

But let's order.I would like to say a few words about the person that wrote this book.Anthony Burgess, and his "A Clockwork Orange" in due time create a stir.Its publication caused a heated debate.Firstly, it is not entirely written in ordinary language.Ironically, it is the English language, mixed with half-Russian and Russian words.
turns out that in the 60 years in the United Kingdom was the fashion in the Cyrillic alphabet and various Russian-language word.Secondly, in the book of an abundance of scenes of cruelty and sexual violence.Himself the protagonist, Alex fifteen every evening drugged with his friends, and after
of their four leaves on night street, that would rob, beat passers-by, beautiful cars to steal and rape girls.Although th

e author paints a horrifying picture of the future
England, in some episodes we may seem
characteristic features of modern Russia.

- Why do you need money?- Once said to his friend Alex.- Need a car, to thwart it as the fruit of the tree.Need a girl - just take ...

other words, the hero of the book combines virtually all the features of this
poddonka and the dregs of society.However, his real passion - symphonic music
.Coming home every night, a guy listening to Beethoven, Mozart and Bach.And when the music is growing, he imagines how rapes little girls trampling heels face of helpless victims.Through the words of the protagonist, the author refers to all
term "good old ultranasilie."
In 1973, a bookseller from Utah
was arrested for selling three books: "Last Tango in Paris" by Robert Ailey,
«idolaters» William Hegner and "A Clockwork Orange" by Anthony Burgess.In a lawsuit June 21, 1973 the city adopted a very specific ruling, according to which the police blamed the bookstore owner Carol Grant.Later the charges were dropped, but Grant was forced to close up shop and move to another city.

In many cities, school boards have tried to ban the book, complaining about her
«insulting passages".I think they were surprised to learn that the author is now considered one of the greatest intellectuals of his time.
English novelist, poet, literary critic, linguist and composer has created a novel that is not less (and maybe more) relevant than forty-eight years ago.Modern
critics write the following:

... «A Clockwork Orange" - a warning against reckless cruelty and mechanized reforging, which often sees the solution to all the problems of our society.Company limp and indifferent - a socialist world in which no one reads, and the streets are named only beautiful words.Its main rule - everything "except the children sitting with children and patients" have to work;However, prisons are overcrowded and the government rehabilitate criminals, that would make room for the expected political prisoners.Despite regular elections and the presence of the opposition, people continue to re-elect the current government
... ".I do not know about you, but to me it's something that reminds ...

The novel itself is divided into three parts.At first, Alex leads a life of adventure, running counter to the laws and regulations of society.Youthful aggression
takes precedence even over the instinct of self-preservation, presenting a real danger to passers-by.No wonder that in the second part of the book he is in prison.Sentenced to fourteen years for the murder of an elderly woman during a robbery, he finds himself behind bars, where killing cellmate.

This murder has attracted the attention of Alex makes a prime candidate "to
correction", suitable for the new government carried out the experiment.Under the influence of the drug, the guy for some time watching movies
, entirely composed of scenes of violence.As a result, it is completely re
as the doctor says: "The real Christian, that will allow to kill themselves rather than make someone evil."At the slightest aggression of his body reacted to terrible bouts of nausea and cramps.Now he can not speak harsh words or hurt someone pain, or have sex."Renewal" Alex is back on familiar childhood street, where now he is exposed to all kinds of attacks and harassment.As the part of his past victims, and from former friends.A little later, a group of opposition decides to use a guy in his political struggle against the current regime.In the end, Alex decides to commit suicide by jumping from a window.

This novel does not end the way you might think.Doctors removed from the blood of male drug, it returns to its usual state.The old idea of ​​violence fill the young head, and he says to himself that now "recovered."The last part of the novel is filled with thoughts of the protagonist, as if going some change in the system of values.It would seem that he can return to his normal life - but would not return.Now, by choice.

Undoubtedly, the novel turned out very emotional.Most likely, because while working on this book, the author experienced a difficult period in his life.In 1959, doctors mistakenly put Burgess terrible diagnosis - inoperable brain tumor, promising another year of life.And this year the writer decided to dedicate exclusively to the literature, hoping thereby to provide for the family livelihood for many years.Posing, five pages on a daily basis, it is expected to write a dozen novels.However, some remained unfinished at the time of removal of the diagnosis.Final version of "Orange" appeared in 1962, after a trip to the Soviet Union, and talking with doctors,
admitted his mistake.

If I say that the novel manifests a certain "duality", that will not be mistaken.He began his writing Anthony Burgess, doomed to death, and ends - another Burgess.The one that has gained a wealth of experience and a new attitude.Perhaps that is why the book was almost prophetic, forcing
think about many moral and ethical issues, on which depends the future

«Clockwork Orange" has caused a fierce debate, and after reaching the screen.Himself Stanley Kubrick, the director, who directed the film, called his creation "Saga of human morality."He won the New York Film Critics and earned four Academy Award nominations, including "Best Picture."Malcolm Mc Dowell bad accustomed to the role of Alex, and quite accurately showed us his image.Only there is one "but" - the film is not fully disclosed to the idea, not completely shown storyline that has the same meaning and effect on the perception of the movie audience.Since many people prefer books is a movie, they are unlikely to fully grasp the meaning, to grasp the basic idea of ​​the work.For them, Alex will remain negative hero of the acclaimed thriller.Although the author on his
example shows us many of the problems of modern society.

Anthony Burgess urged his readers not to "ultranasiliyu"
or use drugs.I think he would be much surprised to see the image of the character of Alex,
in the form of a tattoo on the body caused by skinhead youths.And yet, most have thought - that this change is necessary in the novel?So, what would catch the meaning of his
everyone who picked up a book.

«A person who does not have the right to choose, ceases to be a man" - said to us by the author.- "But, the choice is not all.We must always be aware of their responsibility
, and think about the consequences of this choice.We reap just what we sow ... ".