Literary Evening

On November 16, "The literary evening on journalism", a kind of celebration of creativity and previously unknown talents.The audience gathered 308 first-year students of the Faculty of Journalism, as well as students LEE Gorky.Present and guide pervokursnikov- Zueva Ruslanovna Pauline and George D. Kushnarenko.The idea to hold this evening belongs to Catherine Sapozhnikova, 102 student groups.Thanks to her efforts, in the audience were about fifteen poets (as we call the talented students) and about twenty guests, the audience, including children from the photos and TV journalism, filmed the action on camera.Those who were to perform, much to worry, though, as it turned out, the audience was appreciative and friendly.

Frankly, the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis literary evening attracted me from the start.I wanted to hear new voices, fresh ideas, to feel that our faculty calendars are not only able to do, but also to create literary works.It was time to begin to create a portrait of the first course.And we started.

first speaker Vera E., 102 student groups, of her works I remember the poem "War" (yes, the theme is as old as the world, but Vera managed to fill it with new images!).Then Mary got up on stage Kireyev (101 Group).Masha began writing poetry since 8 years, but more serious work relates to 15. Among her works - "Mysterious Skin," "in the favelas turned out the light," "Queen of the King of Fools" and more.IADS read eight poems, each contrasted with the work of the previous girl (theme of spring, wind, rain gave way to darkness, night, lights).In poems we caught the next speaker notes sentiment Mayakovsky - creativity Matthew Flint reminded Futurism sharp changes of mood and tone.Liked.

autumn and winter motifs filled the audience with the performances of Sasha and Dasha Boiler Krylova, girls are not only emotionally recited their poems, but also brings a smile audience (how great that a freshman studying these solar humans!).Do not leave indifferent and Bone Sinitsyn performance, his work "The Dance" and "Who are you?"It led to the most controversial reactions: half of the audience took pleasure, and the rest - criticism, which is also important for the writers.

Unfortunately, list and describe all of the authors does not allow the format of the material, so I stopped by only a few.I will add a few more words about the performance of Katie Sapozhnikova, organizer of the evening.I must say that Katya's poems we expected at the beginning of the event, but she decided to finish his performance the whole recital, to sum up this way.One of them is present here, for the transmission of elusive moments of miraculous November night:

wrap up in someone else's blanket,

sleep anywhere, without removing the lenses,

This usually we have enough.

It - Youth minimalism.

to bring a notebook and pen.

passport, return tickets.

Usually someone meets us there,

And, as a rule, we are always happy everywhere.

Once among unfamiliar coolness

realize how little, in fact,

you need.

Maybe they are just like that?Notepad, pen - and the end, the truth?One and a half hours of silent, but listened to the voices of freshmen.Strange, but not a conclusion suggests itself.To say that they reflected the feelings on paper?Too easy.What touched every heart with very?Boring.They played a role as they prompted the inner strength, the spirit of creativity and research - a little closer to the truth.They are twisting the words of those that knew the meaning of their way and sight.Painted their portraits sounds images, making it confident and that is true, beautiful.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this evening, and the authors, organizers and audience.As our lives become more than another warm "zhurfakovskim" evening.