Ufa River: rafting, fishing, traveling

River Ufa or Ufimka flows through the Urals and the Urals region, Chelyabinsk and Sverdlovsk regions, Bashkortostan and flows into Agidel (basin. Volga).Its length is about 920 km and the basin area is 53 m. KmĀ².It originates in the lake Ufa that ridge Uraltau.The character of the river is very unstable: in the upper reaches of it turns into a raging stream with rapids, then flowing through the valley has remained calm and smooth.And in the basin developed karst.In winter the river is covered with ice (late October-early December), and in April and early May opened.Catering mainly snow.

Rafting Ufa

travel on water Ufa most interesting in its upper reaches.Even at Ufa can be reached from the dam of the famous Pavlovsk HPP.This route can be done in 2-3 days, and at the same time to visit and one of the attractions of Bashkortostan - the source of the red key.Generally the river Ufa is the easiest level of difficulty - the first raft on her interesting and safe enough, in addition, there's somethin

g to see.Now the water tourism is gaining popularity, but the river Ufa has annually held a lot of tourists on the boats, kayaks, rafts, and the popularity is due to the reservoir interesting, but quite safe threshold.Here lies the notional boundary between Asia and Europe.In the upper reaches of Ufa is the highest point of the Middle Urals.On the banks of the picturesque scattered rocks and hills, numerous karst phenomena, mysterious caves, thickets of wild cherry, pine and birch forests.


many fishermen are well known river Ufa.Bashkiria is replete with all the richest reservoirs, it is not surprising huge catches of pike and chub, burbot and trout, pike-perch, gudgeon, bleak, and many other species of fish.Posts fishing inspectors carefully monitor the fishing preventing poaching.

Rest on the river Ufa

Reflecting on vacation not riverbanks Ufa, of course, in the first place is worth thinking about green tourism.During Soviet times, in the picturesque forests sheltering shore Ufa, flocked by tourists from all over the country.All summer long hovered in the night sky columns of smoke from the fire, spilled on the outskirts bard song ... You can see quite a few campers in our days.Many of them combine forest lodging with rafting, lingering for several days in a particularly favorite places.Those who do not have sufficient equipment, just come to the river and camped.The best time for a vacation in these places - the beginning and end of the summer.July - the warmest month in these parts, but the midday time there may be unbearably hot.

Another subspecies of green tourism - accommodation in the villages.Many locals have long get the hand to earn extra income by renting out rooms or entire houses visitors.This allows you to escape from the city for those who want to live close to nature, but does not like camping holidays.Homemade food, fresh air, the beauty of nature around - all this can give the river Ufa.And what could be better for the weary city dweller than to live in a cozy country house among the Ural forests?