Tracer bullet: purpose, structure and characteristics

standard cartridge device known to most men since school hours for pre-draft preparation.But the design, function and the possibility of using special purpose bullets still raises a lot of questions at most.In this article we will talk about what used tracer bullets, different from the usual, and what has the features.Also, we answer the question, whether there are such ammunition for use in pneumatic weapon.

Purpose Tracer bullets appeared until 1914.Their main difference lies in the fact that they leave behind a trail of smoke or fire and thus provide an opportunity to correct the shooting, which brings considerable benefit in repelling attacks from the air and shooting in the dark.First, tracer bullet leaves a visible trace of no more than 300-400 meters.However, in 1918, managed to increase the visibility of the track up to one kilometer.

Design and Function

tracer bullet contains within itself a special tightly compacted composition which when fired from the powder charge is ignited and bu

rning bullets in flight, leaving behind a clear trace of bright, perfectly visible at any time.Depending on the ingredients and the cooking time of the mixture glow flight path can be yellow, green, magenta and orange.Normally, the domestic production tracer bullet comprises a front and a lead antimony alloy as the core, and the rear - tracer composition, pressed into multiple layers in a small cup.Foreign counterparts have similar, very similar to the devices described above.Note that if instead of lead and antimony core of the bullet is made of steel, such a tracer bullet acquires armor properties.


As in-flight burn glowing structure, a reduction in weight and shifting the center of gravity of the projectile.This fact causes a substantial increase in the dispersion of tracer bullet and make some unbalanced.This leads to a loss of accuracy and decrease the breakdown of combat action.At the same time a projectile has a property and lights.As a result of burning tracer corrosive chemical elements, which have a devastating effect on the bore.Therefore, these bullets are not used in sniper rifles and the cage interspersed with normal every 4-5 pieces.

Tracer bullets for pneumatic gas

Owners of small arms often wonder where you can buy ammo for that could shoot in the dark.Let's say right away: tracer bullets for pneumatic weapon is not made, and therefore it makes no sense to look for them in stores.Some people spread the web recipes, how they can do it yourself.This embodiment, although in principle possible, however, is far from safe.Rather than expose themselves and their weapons unnecessary risk, it is better to buy as an alternative to the bullets of the "flare" or "Combat".Despite the fact that during the flight they do not leave a trail, if it enters the goal outbreak occurs, and thus you can adjust your aim.