Effective training Mike Tyson

One can hardly find a person who would have never heard about Mike Tyson.This boxer has gained worldwide fame, and now his name will always be associated with boxing.Many beginners and professional boxers honor that person and make him their ideal.To reach the same heights, they use training Mike Tyson, strive throughout to be like him.You too can try to train Tyson.

daily routine

Basis training Mike Tyson - this is his daily routine.In order to achieve the same success, you will need to strive to exactly repeat the routine.But rest assured: as soon as you are unlikely to be able to overpower him.The fact that Mike got up at five in the morning and immediately went on the hour jog.After returning, he went into the shower to freshen up, and then went to sleep for another four hours.At ten in the morning Tyson rose from the bed and breakfast, and then briefly about their business and the afternoon went to the hall to hold a two-hour sparring.After that, the boxer had lunch and rested a bit again, an

d again at 16 o'clock went to the lounge to have alone to practice fighting skills.He used to do different kinds of pears.An hour later, I began weight training Mike Tyson, which lasted until seven in the evening.After that Mike had dinner a little rest and made final exercise - about half an hour on a stationary bike worked.Next time he devoted to the study of news in newspapers and on TV, and then went to bed at 21:30.

Exercises Tyson

Workout Mike Tyson was very hard and difficult.They are beyond the power of the majority of the athletes, but also for those who want to succeed, it is necessary to strive for performance of Mike.So, Mike Tyson's training program includes sit-ups, push-ups, lift the torso, neck exercises.With regard to the recovery of the body, then to the indicator Tyson definitely need to seek, as he holds the world record for the number of uplifts the body per hour.His record - 2201 times and is about 36 elevations per minute.He also did a thousand sit-ups per hour, so it is better to start small, but remember that you have a wonderful role model.

boxing exercises

Only for Tyson developed a special technique which is made from the average person almost fighting machine.The trainer of the famous boxer has created a digital system of combat - each type of impact was attributed to its serial number.For example, a unit corresponds to the left Hook head, and eight - jab to the body.Mike Tyson Training concluded that the coach downloaded a program that gave out boxer harvested combination of numbers.Boxer himself could not help thinking about what combination he used - he only followed the instructions of the digital.If you want, you can try a program like this for yourself - every kind of impact, assign a number and hone combination to automatism to be able to come close to the boxing legend.