What you need to know about rafting in Turkey

rafting in Turkey is one of the most popular excursions.And it is understandable why, after just a few hours you will have time to visit the nature reserve, take part in river rafting and enjoy the impressive views of ancient monuments.Believe me, a weighty portion of adrenaline will be provided to you.Some think that the passage of rapids - it's no fun and scary.In fact, white-water rafting in Turkey, reviews of which is not always positive, one of the safest forms of entertainment.This was clearly watching the instructors giving guidance in the event of any difficult situations.And, of course, all are given life jackets and helmets.

favorable season

Today, tour guides and agencies offer many rivers suitable for such occupations as rafting.In Turkey, some of them are most popular.In the south of the country is Dalaman and Kёpryu.Dalaman is suitable for tourists, travelers to Fethiye, Marmaris and Bodrum.And the river Kёpryu easiest way to get from Belek, Alanya, Antalya and feed.Some rivers of the

alloy is not always possible, so you need to learn in advance about the favorable seasons.For example, the Coruh River in the north-east of the country is open from May to July, as referred to Dalaman - from April to October.

How does it work?

Basically descent conducted on rubber rafts (10-20), inflatable boats (4-12 people) or kayak (1-2 people).Small kayaks will suit those who have at least a few times participated in such an event, as rafting in Turkey, and craves bright and sharp impressions.Usually this is not steering the ship inspector, so all decisions have to be taken alone.Best option for beginners - a raft (inflatable).Only there you can feel the atmosphere of a full rafting.And your instructor merry stories and jokes will cheer up and show the best places to swim.


For many people, cost is a key factor in the decision on whether to go or not to go rafting in Turkey.Price will vary depending on whom you asked.If this guide from the hotel, the cost is $ 30-50.If this street agency, then $ 15-25.In both cases, the amount includes: helmet, life vest in a boat delivery to the place and back, as well as a delicious lunch in the middle or at the end of the journey.

How to dress and what to take with?

Such activities like white-water rafting in Turkey, requires appropriate equipment.Do not wear loose shirts and loose pants, as wet as they hamper movement.Ideal - a wetsuit that provides insulation and protects the body from damage.Take along drinking water, because during the alloy are not many places where you can buy it.Yes, and sold it at a higher price.For the money, cigarettes and other valuables have to buy a sealed plastic bag with a strap to the arm or neck.In Turkey, this attribute is hard to find, so it is worth to buy before you travel.The cost of the package in the region of $ 30-50.Also it does not hurt to take sunglasses with fixing elastic band at the bow.