Special Forces Training - Course skillful fighter

Special Forces have in almost every country of the world.They differ in the number, composition, armament, but the purpose of their creation are the same: to counter terrorism, to conduct intelligence and counterintelligence, to arrange sabotage behind enemy lines.At the same time the men should be able to find a way out of different situations and use any means available to achieve this goal.It is allowed to create a special forces training skilled fighters, because there is no perfect soldier.Methods for "cultivating" future saboteurs in each country has its own.But, as is done in Russia, can not be found in any country.Train GRU contrary to most of the provisions of the UN Convention on Human Rights.Nevertheless, an effective way, and to abandon his country is not going.

Training Special Forces primarily begin with the psychological and psycho-physical preparations.The first involves an understanding of their election and the ability to manage fear.The psychophysical training implies a strength exe

rcises, which also form the mental attitude soldier.Training continues 20 hours a day.4:00 assigned to sleep.Free time is not just recruits.It should be noted that select candidates for a very stringent requirements.It is necessary to have not only a good physical shape, are also conducted assessment of intellectual abilities and skills to make their own decisions in any situation.Therefore, those who have a grade in any kind of sports, do not think that he immediately take in the special forces, and will be happy.Training Special Forces rarely carried out in the place of deployment units.The soldier almost from the first days begins to study the survival and fulfillment of goals in extreme conditions.For example, in the psychophysical training include "strip risk" crossing of the bodies of water with the help of improvised means, climbing, walking on rough terrain, exercises to overcome the fear of heights, explosions, fire, blood, disgust.

Strength training of special forces, in addition to standard training, includes also cross-country skiing, running, pulling on the bar, jumping, complexes of exercises for agility and close combat.In addition, the humor department specific fighters.For each other very dangerous guys arrange jokes - stretching beside the bed, poisonous insects under the pillow, "random step."Fun is not entirely peaceful nature, but they are not suppressed by the command.Because this kind of training teaches Special Forces soldiers to constant care, accuracy, willingness to respond adequately to the situation and instantly assess the degree of danger.

After all the training and soldiers must be able to exercise calm and quiet to complete the task in the rear of the enemy and return home, preferably in one piece.And for that he also must be able to handle any kind of weapon, and use handy tools as such, to understand all the explosives, including improvised, to be able to neutralize them.In addition, the training of special forces allow master the art of disguise, which is a component of the successful outcome of the operation.

should be noted that no matter how much you're looking for guidelines on preparing special forces soldiers, a full course of training is not painted anywhere.The reason is simple - the information is classified as part of the troops, their location, or arms budget.