Popular air rifles "Iz"

Air Rifles "Iz" are among the most popular on the Russian market.These rifles have been using for more than a decade, and they always attract new shooters thanks to its first-class quality.

With a rifle - male occupation

What neither man wants to go in the summer on the nature and shoot plenty of weapons, even air?Many are attracted to this occupation, so the shooting of pneumatic long been a nation-wide interests.But to properly enjoy such outdoor activities, you first need to fully equip.And, of course, is to start with the purchase of rifles that best suits you.Of course, you can make a choice in favor of foreign models that are heavily advertised everywhere, but still air rifles "Iz" retain the leadership in sales.For quite a low price, you can get a beautiful pattern that will serve you for a long time and will not bring trouble while shooting.

main advantages

What distinguishes these rifles from a huge number of others?The first air rifles "Iz" for the most part do not require special p

ermission to store and use.So if you decide that you need, for example, the air rifle "Iz-61", then you do not spend a lot of money at it, can easily find it, and not be thinking about the paperwork.The important factor is that such guns are classified as low-power, so that they can be used not only in the dash.You can store this rifle at home, shooting her in the courtyard of his farmhouse or go with her to the nature of - you do not break any law or regulation.Air Rifles "Iz" famous exclusive mechanics, making them simply irreplaceable for fans of the pneumatic firing.Of course, these rifles can not boast catchy and special appearance, but they are clearly and flawlessly perform their tasks.Mechanics for the lack of power, making this an attractive weapon for any buyers.

To fit?

include air rifles exist conditional division, depending on the purpose for which need a particular sample.For example, the air rifle "Iz-38" is ideal for training, they often recommended for beginners.You can hardly find an amateur pneumatic shooting in Russia, which never would have kept in the hands of this model.But after the shooter has mastered the basics, he chooses the rifle that best fits in your hand.It decides whether to important power, precision and speed of a bullet.Depending on these parameters rifle subdivided into those that are best used in the dash, and those which are suitable for outdoor shooting.And the biggest plus rifles "Iz" - that is their extensive range.Izhevsk plant produces a variety of guns, it is simply impossible not to choose among them for himself right.It is no coincidence this kind of weapons are still the most popular on the Russian market.